Happy 25

This post was supposed to go up on my birthday last week, but the bigger internet Gods wasn’t with me, so now that I’m back in NYC here you are!

Happy quarter life to me!

As we speak I’m in Spain surrounded by my wonderful family (and pretty vineyards). Edward woke me up with kisses and a little song (wish I had filmed it, it was so cute), and my family had made a big breakfast with everything I could’ve wanted. And good coffee. My day is already complete. I think today’s plan is a lot of pool time, too many ice-creams, and tonight a delicious dinner with good drinks in an outfit that screams “I got this.”

I few weeks ago I wrote the below:

“I woke up the other morning from a terrible nightmare where I had ended up flushing my own baby down the toilet. Sweaty and rather disoriented a scary thought came to my mind. This year, will be the end of half my twenties. I will turn 25 in July. Scary thought. I suddenly felt like I don?t have that much time left to figure out my life. When should I have my first baby? Am I obviously not ready for babies, when I dream about flushing him/her out the toilet? Do I make as much money as I should? Should I really be living in a much more luxurious apartment when I turn 25? Will the last half of my twenties be filled with bad decisions, frustrations about life, and full of dreams yet to come alive? Will I still not be able to run a 5k or resist sugar? You see, my thoughts went on a spin with 100mph.

After work that day I found myself on the subway starring at the reflection in the window. I spent a good amount of the ride examining my appearance. No smile, very clear bags under my eyes, my stomach was bloated again for whatever “my digestion can’t tolerate anything”-reason, but my hair was having a good day (actually)… Conclusion for the day: I felt like shit. With good hair.”

The thing is, that moving to New York City has been the hardest couple of years of my life. I can’t count on two hands the amount of breakdowns I’ve had, the mornings where I just wanted to stay in bed, the “insecure me” work situations, all the times I didn’t speak up for myself when people acted like dickheads. It’s been hard. And it’s been wonderful. But turning 25 made me look at myself and ask a lot of questions that I couldn’t even answer. Because maybe I’m not exactly where I’m supposed to be, but then again, who decides what’s right or wrong? Who decides where I’m supposed to be in my life as a 25 y/o? No one. And I’m certain that I’ll get there.

 So I’m going to embrace the next quarter of my life. Just day by day. Week by week.. Working hard, but remembering myself in the process. Happy birthday to me. Stop over-thinking, stop the breakdowns. The 20’s are for fighting for your dream career. To go get ‘em. To my future self: You got this!


5 Things I’m Grateful for as of This Morning 7 AM

Images by Stina

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to practice gratefulness, so I thought I would start sharing some grateful bits here and there. It’s now 7am and here are 5 things I’m grateful for:


I just returned to NYC Sunday night after nine amazing days in Denmark with my family. I haven’t been home since July 2016, so I really needed it. Brunch with friends and family, gallery hopping, shopping (can’t wait to show you), two exciting meetings, walking my cute dog, and just relaxing, drinking wine, and eating good food. This is also why I was MIA in here last week, but if you want to check out was I was up to go to my Instagram.


Jet lag! This might sound weird, because jet lag is never really a positive thing. But NYC is six hours behind, which means I now wake up bright and early as the morning person I have always been. The busy bee syndrome this city tends to poison you with had me forget about being a morning person for a while, but I’M BACK.


Morning coffee. I love my coffee, but boy have I been missing out. I just recently discovered Pret a Mangers Americano and it’s sooooooo good. This morning I went to Union Sq., bought a cup of coffee, and just sat in the park watching NYC wake up.


Daily inspiration from all the influencers I follow. They all inspires me in different areas, some to work harder for my dreams everyday, some to take beautiful photography, some to remember to be totally down to earth. My daily injection! Here are a few links to inspiring Instagrammers: Aimee Song, Cathrine Widunok Wichman, Negin Mirsaheli, Isabella Thordsen, Estée Lalonde


The fact that I finally tried out Ouai. I went for the volume shampoo for a start, and are you crazy it is good. Might get addicted, and I might also go back to get the rest of the products from the line. Big recommendation!


West Village

The other day I found myself reading an article (sorry, it’s in Danish) from  Sille Sørensen, blogger/writer at SilleWho.dk. She raised the two questions “Has fashion gone political? And does it make a difference?” I couldn’t help but wonder and was bound to her text. I left a comment telling her about an experience I had here in New York while on my way home from The Women’s March back in January:

I was on the subway, on my way home. A homeless man entered my subway car and started begging for money while making his way through all the people. He bumped into another man, didn’t apologizeand instead just continued. The man (who happened to be Hispanic) got a little upset and they started fighting. “Fuck you, no fuck you.” The subway pulled into the next station and before the homeless man got off he yelled out “I’m so fucking happy Trump is president, so he can throw your ass out of this country.” I was petrified. I had definitely heard stories, and seen videos of episodes in this country. But for some reason my naive self had not seen it coming here in New York. I mean, New York is a mostly democrat state. The subway was filled with people who had walked The Women’s March, and therefore dressed for the occasion and carrying big signs reading hilarious (but serious) stuff like “Made in ‘Gina,” “If I wanted politic$ in my vagina, I’d fuck a senator,” “Leave the pussy control to Prince” and many more. No one said anything. I didn’t either.

I’ve never really been a person who demonstrated or raised my voice in big crowds or to big crowds. But what’s happening in America right now is frightening. People being targeted, who don?t deserve it. Racism racing. A wall to be built? And now press is being denied access to press conferences in The White House? What?s happening to this world?

Sille raised the question about fashion as a new political statement, and I actually am happy that we ?normal? people are able to demonstrate in our everyday life. That this is becoming the new normal. We saw loads of statements during CPHFW and NYFW, artists have expressed themselves during award season, many people have demonstrated (including me), and I love how we are now able to buy clothes making our standpoint clear. I chose my first political t-shirt to be about me as a female. I think it?s cute, and think it puts awareness to female power, and most importantly I feel powerful wearing it. So to Sille?s questions (which she btw answered perfectly herself) fashion has gone political, but I wonder if it has always been? And yes, it helps. It helps me gain strength to find the attitude ?it?ll all be okay.? To make me worry less. And if everyone felt that way from simply dressing themselves in a statement, that?s a start.




New York Skyline

After reading this article on ManRepeller the other day, I started thinking about this subject. What have I really given up by moving to the Big Apple? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative about moving here, but there are definitely things that I’ve noticed are very different. So here is my list:


Cars honk like crazy, I am very often woken up by drunk people walking home from the club (not just on the weekend), loud music from cars driving by and from neighbors throwing a Wednesday party just because, people fighting in public (never understood that), sirenes… NYC is so noisy (all cities probably are) that I find myself missing the country side were I grew up in Denmark. I think my ears need a break. The other day Edward and I went to Clason Point to look at houses, and it was the loveliest, and most calm area I’ve been in for a while. That, and just that, made me want to move there.


We currently live in an old 1 bedroom apartment in the Bronx. It’s old, it’s falling apart. But it’s still freaking expensive. It feels like I pay so much more money for nothing. We are looking for another apartment (that is actually nice, in Manhattan, and affordable) to rent/buy, and the struggle is real.


I used to bike to everything in Denmark. Here they have CitiBike (or you can buy your own, but then you have to bring it upstairs in your apartment for it not to get stolen…), but people are mostly just afraid of biking. There are no bike lanes except from on a couple of streets. The worst of all though: CitiBike is not available were I live.. Like why?!


I was used to being very close to my friends and the city in Denmark. It would take me 20 minutes to bike to university. Oh boy, did I give that up! Although Manhattan is not that big, I spend over two hours on my commute to/from work every day and it takes me the same time to go to my friend’s apartments or if we are just meeting up downtown. I really hope to move to Upper West, so I can get closer to everything.


Now, when I moved to NYC I had watched a lot of Sex & the City. You know, brunches, shopping, drinks, more shopping, a little cupcake here, and taxi-ride there. No. On a “first job after uni”-salary this is definitely not possible if you also want an apartment, phone, cable, go to the gym etc. Also I try to save up. Goodbye money.




I always look forward to a new year. A new beginning. Somehow it gives my inspiration to do everything better and work harder. January 1st is the Queen of Mondays. I many goals for 2017, and writing them down makes me feel more attached to making it all happen. (You can also check out my 2016 high lights here)

Here’s my new year resolutions for 2017:


I want to start making videos for the blog, and work on more frequent posting (the struggle is real when you also work a full-time job, but I know it can be done, and I feel more inspired than ever)


Hopefully Edward and I will find a wonderful apartment somewhere in the City, with more space and in a better neighborhood (I have so many interior dreams, but first we need the frame)

Being grateful

One of the things Edward tells me the most, is that I always complain, and that I should be more grateful. Just for life in general. And he’s right… I often fail to realize how fortunate I am. So I want to practice being grateful, and therefore bought the ‘5 minute journal’ to help me practise this every day. It’s basically a journal that you fill out morning and evening, and because it’s not supposed to take more than 5 minutes, even I should be able to keep this going.


I want to read more books. When I was earning my BA, I used to study to and from work everyday. My commute is an hour each way, which gave me two hours of reading every day. I recently read an article called “The Simple Plan To Read More” which got me thinking: Now that I got my BA, I want to use that time on reading books that inspire me. 1-2 hours a day I can read. Just think how many books I can comsume in 2017. Next on the list: Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Theisbaek


It’s been fun to live life to the fullest in 2016, and I definitely don’t want 2017 to be a boring year, but I want 2017 to be the year I got the best savings in a long time. I’ve always been afraid of red numbers, but I’ve not been afraid of shopping and using the money I have. So therefore Edward (and his inner accountant) is helping me with a finance plan to make my savings grow. This is such boring adult stuff, but must happen to create the life we dream about. 3, 2, 1, go!

Play an instrument

I played the piano as a child (still do), but the longest I’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar. I recently got reminded of that again watching the Norwegian TV-show SKAM, where Noora plays and sings in season 2. So in love. And can we also talk about her hair? I kinda want my bob back, and what about going platinum blonde?