When I think of the perfect me-time, it contains a cup of coffee, Sex & the City on the TV, and my favorite magazines/blogs. I will sit down, read, and get inspired. Fashion Eclectic Coffee Club is exactly that. Some you-time, your desired cup of coffee, and a good inspiring read. 

In this very first episode of Fashion Eclectic Coffee Club I have invited myself for coffee, and I will be telling a personal story from my daily life here in The City. 


I had a weird experience the other day. I had been super happy with myself that morning going to work wearing denim cut-offs, a white tee, black sandals, a red bag, and a matching red lipstick. A casual outfit with a little pop. I was in love!

So I was on my daily afternoon coffee run with a colleague, and walking down 19th street we passed two men. One tells me “I like your lipstick”. Gave me a compliment, although it felt a little bit like he was cat-calling. But I said thank you. The other man then shouts in our direction “I don’t”. I was shocked. (Like, excuse me whaaaattt?!?!) I mean, he doesn’t have to like it. We all have different style. But to try to take me down or make me feel ugly or whatever. He definitely didn’t have to do that. I turned around to face him, I guess I wanted him to say sorry or feel bad about what he had just said to me. He had turned his back on us. He didn’t want to face me or what he had just done. That he had just been totally rude to a person he doesn’t know, and a person who actually was having a great day. I said nothing and we just kept on walking, but it kinda stuck with me. How dare he. At 7pm on my way home in the subway it was still with me. I continued reading Oprah’s biography, which I’d been reading all week during my daily commute (getting closer to knowing what she really knows for sure). It read:

You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more. To be more splendid. To be more extraordinary. To use every moment to fill yourself up.

It’s funny how that simple statement immediately gave me a strength. Confidence. I guess it wasn’t really what he had said that had me shaken up, but the fact that some New Yorkers can be so f-ing rudeAnd I think it’s worth addressing. I’m a firm believer that it takes more energy for someone to act like an ass, than it does to be nice. It may even give you extra energy to give a compliment, hold a door, or simply just smile at someone. So my first intuition was actually to post that #OOTD on Instagram with Oprah’s quote. With the thought that if that quote helped me right in that moment when I felt confused and a little shaken up, it would definitely also be helping somebody else. And also because I actually happened to feel very comfortable and self-conscious that day. I actually loved my outfit and especially that red lipstick. And that’s more important than some jerk trying to take me down. So I say: Let’s all smile a little more, give more compliments, and create more positive energy. I am certain it will be a good experience.