Lately I’ve Been… London edition

It’s been a hot minute since both my last update on life (and blogpost to be real), but since I took the month of August off I’ve never had more plans. Fun plans of course. So my focus kinda shifted for a week or two, which I honestly think is very healthy. About two weeks ago I had a little trip to London in my calendar, so I thought it would be fun to share I little bit of what I did. I went to London to visit one of my best friends from uni, Emilie, and stayed with her in her cute apartment in Brixton, and we had such a good time exploring the city! I hadn’t been to London since I was a little girl, so I didn’t recognize a thing although I had little memories in the back of my mind.



First up was a Saturday stroll through Chelsea. I thought for some reason that Chelsea in London would be a version of New York’s Chelsea, but I was proven wrong. Boy, a colorful palette of beautiful houses. I’ve never seen anything like it, and although New York’s Chelsea has some beautiful townhouses this was a whole other level. Walking through that area I promised myself, that one day I would own a place right there. A pink one maybe? Or what about those pretty white ones? After looking at picture perfect real estate dreams we went for a coffee and a bite at April’s Cafe located in this little hidden corner on Sloane St. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in that area (whilst hungry).

chelsea-strollfiddlersfortuneIn the afternoon we went to Regent’s Park to see the sculptures set up as part of Frieze Art Fair (I’m pretty sure it was called Frieze Art in the Park). Above is John Chamberlain’s ‘Fiddlersfortune’ and below (right to left) is Emily Young’s ‘Planet’ and Miguel Barceló’s ‘Gran Elefandret.’



We started the day at a flea market in Pimlico, where I bought a cool coffee table book with photos of the old and the new London. Pretty inspiring. I’m trying to build a solid coffee table stack for our sofa table with some fashion books, maybe some architecture or decoration books, and then my newest addition. Emilie bought a floaty floor-long Marc Jacobs dress in a beautiful mesh fabric. Definitely a success.

After the flea market we went to Tate Britain to see the new ‘Forms in Space… by Light (in Time)’ by Cerith Wyn Evans. It’s a neon installation in three parts emerging as you walk through the amazing room. I have so many photos of it, because it just looked so cool every time I saw it from a new angle. I mean, look at that!

tate-britainPhoto Aug 20-2phone-booth

After being really cultural at Tate Britain my inner tourist persuaded Emilie to go see Big Ben, the Parlament, London Eye, and of course have a phone booth moment. I’m telling you I have some super awkward tourist photos that will never see the light, but makes me smile when I look back.



Monday and Tuesday Emilie had to go back to work (the weekend went by waaaay too fast!), so I decided to explore more areas of London to really get a feel of the city. First up was Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus, which I though would be the Times Square of London. And although it’s busy and very touristy it was way more manageble than Times Square (where I btw never set my foot if I can get away with it). I both went to Liberty (most amazing shopping “mall” I’ve seen), stopped in Jo Malone to get a new Peony & Blush Suede candle, and had a coffee at Costa. And as I felt very much home I suddenly got lost and ended up walking well over 25K steps. I’m telling you I had a pair of sore feet begging to lay down at the end of the day.


A classic British pub looking very cute with the red details and flower decorations, and the amazing cacti selection at Liberty. If I could bring a cactus back to New York on the airplane I would’ve bought one.

london-skylinelondon-tower-bridgeA grey and cold London. I didn’t mind at all because that meant I could borrow a cozy sweater from Emilie and dream about my fall wardrobe. I’m seriously looking forward to fall now!

somerset-houseBefore I headed to the airport I took a little trip to Somerset House to experience their Perfume exhibition (a bit disappointing tbh) and had breakfast and very good coffee at Fernandez & Wells (which I also couldn’t help but ‘gram).


Lady in Red

american-eagle-outfittersAffiliate links: Two piece American Eagle Outfitters (similar here) / Sandals Steve Madden (similar here) / Bag SKALL Studio (similar here) / Sunglasses Ray-Ban

My favorite outfit from Spain. And also the outfit I wore on my birthday (“25, fuck I’m old!” Anybody remember that line from SATC?). I love how it’s delicate fabric makes it feel dressed up, but casual look makes it appropriate for both going for a stroll in the city and going out for dinner.

We are through my outfits from my vacation in Sant Pol de Mar, and boy was that a good vacation. A week in the company of my man, my sisters and their boyfriends, my parents, my dad’s sister, and my little cutie-pie of a dog (which I insta-storied a lot!). Now I have about a week in New York, and then I’m headed for Denmark for a little while and a pit-stop in London to visit one of my very best friends from university. One is in London, one is in Copenhagen. One is in New York (me). Very nicely spread out. Metropolitans.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


Sunflower power

gironaIt’s time for another post from Spain, which I wore on a day trip to Girona. If you didn’t see my first blog post about my vacation to Spain, you can find it right here. This day it was a little cloudy, so we decided to hop in the car (that we had rented for 7 people, but which actually only fitted 4-5 adults and then had those annoyingly small seats in the trunk for 2 kids. That was where I sat for a good hour. An hour where most of the time was spend being happy that I stopped growing at 162cm) and be a little cultural. Girona is known for its medieval architecture, and I loved walking around the Old Town’s tiny streets that are more like spaces between houses than streets. After walking up and down the stairs between houses, we discovered the enormous ancient cathedral, which stands tall at the end of 86 steps.

girona-architecturemy-outfitgirona-streetsshein-sunflower-dressAffiliate links: Dress SheIn (similar here) / Bag Zara (similar here) / Sandals & Other Stories / Sunglasses Ray-Ban (similar here and here)

I wore a new favorite summer dress from She In (so cheap, but so cute), my mini-picnic bag, retro Ray-Bans and casual sandals. When I travel I make sure to pack outfits that will be complimented by my surroundings (#blogger), and I felt like this outfit stood out so well from the beige walls of the Old Town as well as the more colorful part of Girona by  river Onyar.

We had our lunch at a really shitty café (to be honest) that turned out to be a tourist flop, but after walking around the Old Town we discovered the cutest little coffee shop called La Fabrica. Its modern touch complimented the traditional surroundings in such a perfect way. I would definitely recommend this place if you need a little refreshment after exploring.


Memorial Day Weekend Get-Away

Whomever came up with the idea of bank holidays should get an applause. I guess Memorial Days isn’t the most cheerful bank holiday there is, but nevertheless I cheered a lot about the fact that we had Monday off. And so I took Friday off as well. You know, just to do the long weekend thing right. Four day weekend, three day work week. How about that?

Edward and I went to Cape Cod for the weekend (and then we can also check of Massachusetts on our travel-in-the-US list) and I figured I would take you with us.



We stayed at The Inn at Cape Cod, a luxury inn in Yarmouth, and coming from New York City it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless it was the perfect place to regain energy. The inn has nine rooms, all unique and beautiful in their way. It honestly felt like we lived there. The house is almost 200 years old, and the big pillars by the front porch constantly reminded me of the White House. Maybe that’s why it felt so majestic living there. And we definitely enjoyed both morning coffee and sundowners right there on the porch (does anyone else have a drink while the sun goes down during vacation? Or is it just my family trying to come up with an excuse to drink?)



Edward’s birthday!! I woke up so excited for this day (am I the only one who seriously look forward to celebrating other people’s brithdays?). The weather was amazing, so we figured this would be the right day to head to Provincetown for a stroll and some delicious seafood. I had no idea how cozy this little town would be. I couldn’t stop taking photos of pretty houses, the view of the sea, and constantly asked Edward for a selfie. I’m such a sucker for picture-esque places, and they inspire me endlessly.

This was also the day I tried eating a whole lobster for the first time in my life. It was so, so delicious. I can’t believe I never ordered that before… Boy, have I been missing out!







As Yarmouth is only about an hour from Boston, we decided to take a drive here. It being Memorial Weekend, we figured we would check out the Boston Common and do some sightseeing as well. Boston is such a clean city compared to NYC, and I really enjoyed how small the center is. We parked the car and walked around for a couple of ours, stopped for lunch at the award-winning Dumpling House in China Town, took loads of photos by the Boston Common, and then headed back to the inn to change outfits for our dinner reservations.






Before we checked out and headed home I took a little time to just sit in the garden, read a book, drink a cup of coffee, and listen to the birds. It’s not often in NYC that the only noise is birds chirping, you know…

And then one more outfit photo before the drive home.


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Last weekend Edward and I headed on a little getaway to Washington DC. He had never been, and I had been many years ago and didn’t really remember the city. I really needed to recharge my batteries, so I took Friday off from work, and we drove off right after breakfast.


We checked into our hotel around 4PM, and got ourselves situated (this means Edward took a nap after driving for 4 hours). I had a cuppa tea, looked through Instagram, and then around 5PM we headed for some sightseeing at the US Capitol Building. We walked down the museum mile to the Lincoln Memorial as the sun went down and all the lights came on. Very pretty, and Edward had wanted to see the memorial at night, so that was perfect. After all the driving and walking we went back to our hotel and had room service.


We slept in and went to brunch around 11AM at Le Diplomat (1601 14th St NW), which I had been recommended by a friend. I went for the Norwegian Eggs and Edward had the traditional Poached Eggs. I loved the food, and the staff was so nice! After we decided to go for a long walk (we had to burn off the food, you know!), so we walked to The White House to play ultimate tourists. Unfortunately you can’t get really close to it anymore, and there were four fences in front of us, which kind of took from the experience. But oh well, we were happy to see it.

Around 3PM we were headed for the Smithsonian Mall to be even more cultural. Most of the museums in Washington DC are free, which is just amazing if you want to visit more than one. We visited the Natural History Museum and the National Air & Space Museum – both very cool! We also really wanted to check out the Spy Museum, but ran out of time as they all close around 5PM.

The weather was so sunny and warm, so we decided to walk back to the hotel (which resulted in very sore feet, but definitely good exercise). We changed into evening wear and headed to Morton’s Steakhouse for a lovely dinner. I had craved a good steak with jumbo shrimp and a good drink, and Edward was kind enough to ask me out for a romantic evening (I think he was craving a good steak too, haha).

After way too much delicious food and a surprise Chocolate Fondant for dessert, we drove (I think we could’ve rolled) home to the hotel to hit the pool and hot tub. Such a perfect evening!


For this weekend getaway we used Hotels Tonight to find good last minute deal on hotel stays, and the Hilton Hotel ended up having the best deal. Sunday morning was all about snuggling and having a bit of coffee and breakfast before hitting the road.

We had one last pit stop at New York St. because I had seen some lovely colorful buildings, and we went for a short walk around the area.

It was such a nice weekend, and although I could use way more time away from everyday life, it was just enough to recharge and forget about stress for a while. We could probably have used a few more days discovering the city (and also talked about just staying), but we’ll just have to come back.

I hope you guys enjoyed this longer “diary”-style post with travel tips and spots to visit. I definitely enjoyed creating it for you!!