California blues

d23995bc-df56-4d77-af7a-a0e03fc6db56a2367c18-cc95-4813-b337-59185ed9c0a2Hi angels!

I’m back in New York again. Back to 0 degrees and blizzard no. 1M this season (I stopped counting). But I do have a few more photos from California to share with you. Saturday morning Edward and I were headed back to his family in Antioch, but since we had a little extra time, we took the opportunity to stroll around San Francisco’s streets just one last time. I wore one of my favorite outfits: 90’s mom jeans and a white tee. Just updated to 2018 with a beret and my white Superga sneakers. Edward said I looked like Picasso… I don’t know about that, haha. I thought I looked trendy.


We went to see the Painted Ladies one more time (just because they are so pretty), drive up and down the streets around, and then we ended up at a Pancho Villa Taqueria for a burrito to-go for the drive home. Edwards cousin had mentioned to us, that it’s a pretty good restaurant, but they were just next level. I’ve never had such a good burrito. And then we were off to Antioch for me to meet Edward aunts, uncles, and cousins. A lot of new people for a semi-shy person like myself. Very intimidating. But they were all so lovely and made me feel very welcome. It makes me feel so much more at home here in America, knowing more of Edward’s family and feeling like I have more people here. That’s definitely the toughest thing about living abroad. Not having my family here. But this whole vacation put such a big smile on my face and I’m so ready to explore way more of California. Next up: A couple of days in San Francisco, road trip from San Francisco to LA, and then ending with a week there.

Xx Christina

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Exploring San Francisco

d03ab761-95e9-45d6-aa4d-4915ac4246d1Hi my angels!

Just checking in from San Francisco. I’m still in bed, waiting for everyone to wake up, as we speak. I could seriously go for a cup of coffee right about now…

This vacation is such a dream come true. I’ve never been to California before, let alone the beautiful city of San Francisco. So you bet I was excited, when I got off the plane Thursday night. Friday Edward and I had planned I whole day of exploring San Francisco, just the two of us. It was the most magical day ever. We set off from Antioch (where we’re staying with his family) about 10AM for the one hour drive to San Francisco. I had prepared two cups of coffee and a croissant to share (taking my co-driver role very seriously!).

We decided the first thing to head to was the Painted Ladies. Such beautiful Victorian-style houses places right next to each other like were they one big family. Edward told me the reason why they have become such an attraction is the fact that they all hold seven different painting styles. As a true Full House fan I was also very excited to see the view over the hill and hang out in the park like they do in the intro to this 80’s show. Any other fans out there?


Jacket Zara | Jeans H&M | Shoes Superga | Sunglasses Ray-Ban

After the Painted Ladies we headed towards the real Full House (only wrong thing is the door now being the wrong color, but I’ll take it). Again, you would think Edward is some secret San Francisco guide, because he randomly spoke facts about the different places that I had never known. He told me that apparently the director of Full House has now bought back the house. He was sad about the idea of it just being there, and now wants to open it up to the public. To say I’m excited is an understatement.


Next stop was Lombard St. I had been told (and seen a few photos on Pinterest) that it’s a whole art piece in itself. I have no idea why it’s made, but this hilly one-block street has eight hairpin turns making it the crookedest street in the world. Pretty crazy. We decided to park above it and walk down to explore the street. You can also drive down, if you dare!


 A must-see for us was definitely the Golden Gate Bridge, so after walking up Lombard St. (a pretty good workout), we started the car and headed to the water. San Francisco is so interesting when it comes to the weather… we had been sweaty walking around the city, but up by the bridge it was misty and the fog was thick. This also meant no sight of the bridge unfortunately, so we decided to walk it instead. Service info: the bridge is 1.7 miles long.


It was pretty damn cold and windy, and theres no extra fence monst of the way, so it definitely took some extra strength for me to do it. I’m so scared of heights, and found myself getting pretty nauseous when getting too close to that small fence. But I did it. We did it. And afterwards celebrated with a good cup of coffee.

And that was an end to a romantic day out with my love. We definitely explored way more because we were driving everywhere, so I recommend renting a car if you don’t have a lot of time! And just a few more recommendations to end with;

Dinner: we ate dinner at Fog Harbor Fish House, which was an amazing three-course seafood dinner. This restaurant is located on Pier 39 where you afterwards can take a stroll and say hi to the sea lions.

Hotel: We stayed at The Inn at Union Square, which is a very charming little place with the nicest staff. We booked last minute through Hotels Tonight (which we always do If we just need one or two nights), and got a pretty good deal. They had WiFi, breakfast included, and valet parking.

See you soon for a San Fran outfit!

Xx Christina

Going to San Francisco

san-franciscoHi angels,

How are you all doing?

I’m so excited, because in 3 days I’m flying to San Francisco for the very first time. When I moved to New York I obviously spent a lot of time exploring this city, and this state. But after a bit Edward and I decided, that we want to visit every single state in the US. So far we’ve been to Jersey (pretty easy), Massachusetts & District of Columbia (we’ve also been to a few states separately before we met, but we’ve decided that those don’t count). Next up: California!

Edward has family in Antioch, California, which is not that far from San Francisco, so we’re going to live with them (I have not met them before) and hopefully they can show us some cool spots around the area. I would love to see the Golden Gate Bridge and The Painted Ladies, both a must-see, but other than that I have no idea what to explore. If any of you guys have tips for what we absolutely have to do while in San Fran, let me know!

See you next time, from San Francisco. I’m so excited!

Xx Christina

Lately I’ve Been… London edition

It’s been a hot minute since both my last update on life (and blogpost to be real), but since I took the month of August off I’ve never had more plans. Fun plans of course. So my focus kinda shifted for a week or two, which I honestly think is very healthy. About two weeks ago I had a little trip to London in my calendar, so I thought it would be fun to share I little bit of what I did. I went to London to visit one of my best friends from uni, Emilie, and stayed with her in her cute apartment in Brixton, and we had such a good time exploring the city! I hadn’t been to London since I was a little girl, so I didn’t recognize a thing although I had little memories in the back of my mind.



First up was a Saturday stroll through Chelsea. I thought for some reason that Chelsea in London would be a version of New York’s Chelsea, but I was proven wrong. Boy, a colorful palette of beautiful houses. I’ve never seen anything like it, and although New York’s Chelsea has some beautiful townhouses this was a whole other level. Walking through that area I promised myself, that one day I would own a place right there. A pink one maybe? Or what about those pretty white ones? After looking at picture perfect real estate dreams we went for a coffee and a bite at April’s Cafe located in this little hidden corner on Sloane St. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in that area (whilst hungry).

chelsea-strollfiddlersfortuneIn the afternoon we went to Regent’s Park to see the sculptures set up as part of Frieze Art Fair (I’m pretty sure it was called Frieze Art in the Park). Above is John Chamberlain’s ‘Fiddlersfortune’ and below (right to left) is Emily Young’s ‘Planet’ and Miguel Barceló’s ‘Gran Elefandret.’



We started the day at a flea market in Pimlico, where I bought a cool coffee table book with photos of the old and the new London. Pretty inspiring. I’m trying to build a solid coffee table stack for our sofa table with some fashion books, maybe some architecture or decoration books, and then my newest addition. Emilie bought a floaty floor-long Marc Jacobs dress in a beautiful mesh fabric. Definitely a success.

After the flea market we went to Tate Britain to see the new ‘Forms in Space… by Light (in Time)’ by Cerith Wyn Evans. It’s a neon installation in three parts emerging as you walk through the amazing room. I have so many photos of it, because it just looked so cool every time I saw it from a new angle. I mean, look at that!

tate-britainPhoto Aug 20-2phone-booth

After being really cultural at Tate Britain my inner tourist persuaded Emilie to go see Big Ben, the Parlament, London Eye, and of course have a phone booth moment. I’m telling you I have some super awkward tourist photos that will never see the light, but makes me smile when I look back.



Monday and Tuesday Emilie had to go back to work (the weekend went by waaaay too fast!), so I decided to explore more areas of London to really get a feel of the city. First up was Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus, which I though would be the Times Square of London. And although it’s busy and very touristy it was way more manageble than Times Square (where I btw never set my foot if I can get away with it). I both went to Liberty (most amazing shopping “mall” I’ve seen), stopped in Jo Malone to get a new Peony & Blush Suede candle, and had a coffee at Costa. And as I felt very much home I suddenly got lost and ended up walking well over 25K steps. I’m telling you I had a pair of sore feet begging to lay down at the end of the day.


A classic British pub looking very cute with the red details and flower decorations, and the amazing cacti selection at Liberty. If I could bring a cactus back to New York on the airplane I would’ve bought one.

london-skylinelondon-tower-bridgeA grey and cold London. I didn’t mind at all because that meant I could borrow a cozy sweater from Emilie and dream about my fall wardrobe. I’m seriously looking forward to fall now!

somerset-houseBefore I headed to the airport I took a little trip to Somerset House to experience their Perfume exhibition (a bit disappointing tbh) and had breakfast and very good coffee at Fernandez & Wells (which I also couldn’t help but ‘gram).


Lady in Red

american-eagle-outfittersAffiliate links: Two piece American Eagle Outfitters (similar here) / Sandals Steve Madden (similar here) / Bag SKALL Studio (similar here) / Sunglasses Ray-Ban

My favorite outfit from Spain. And also the outfit I wore on my birthday (“25, fuck I’m old!” Anybody remember that line from SATC?). I love how it’s delicate fabric makes it feel dressed up, but casual look makes it appropriate for both going for a stroll in the city and going out for dinner.

We are through my outfits from my vacation in Sant Pol de Mar, and boy was that a good vacation. A week in the company of my man, my sisters and their boyfriends, my parents, my dad’s sister, and my little cutie-pie of a dog (which I insta-storied a lot!). Now I have about a week in New York, and then I’m headed for Denmark for a little while and a pit-stop in London to visit one of my very best friends from university. One is in London, one is in Copenhagen. One is in New York (me). Very nicely spread out. Metropolitans.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


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