Happy Sunday + Win this hyped faux fur

loavies-faux-furHey guys!

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. For some reason Sunday is always my least favorite day of the weekend, because after Sunday comes Monday, and I don’t really love Mondays tbh. I’m trying to switch that around, but I’m not one of those people who feels the Monday motivation brushing through as soon as I wake up Monday morning. I’m more of a Wednesday-Sunday motivation kinda girl (haha). So today I’m taking some time to work, get apartment stuff sorted (which is really just laundry and cleaning), and just do some good ol’ relaxing.

But! I wanted to take this less exciting day to do a little giveaway for you guys. Ever since I saw this Loavies faux fur on Isabella Thordsen, I just knew I needed it in my wardrobe. And I have looooved it since I received it in December (I’ve lived in it). But since I couldn’t try it on, I ordered two sizes. I eventually went with L for myself, so I have a M sitting here waiting for someone to wear it. I’m not gonna bother sending it back to Holland, so girls, if you would like to win this faux fur, please follow the steps below:

1) Leave a comment down below, so we can connect if you are the winner
2) Go follow me on Instagram and show some love <3
3) Follow the blog on Bloglovin’ (if you are on there)

I will choose the winner in a week, so good luck everyone.

Xx Christina

December 22nd: Friday favorites

You all know what time it is. It’s Friday Favorites time (tacky intro I know, but I had to do it).

1. My new faux fur from Loavies. It’s fluffy, dark green, and exactly what I needed to add to my winter wardrobe.

2. The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. I went with my family on Monday, and we had such a magical evening at the Radio City Hall.

3. Yes, I’m putting Mie as a Friday Favorite. She’s flying home to Denmark tomorrow afternoon and I’m going to miss her so dearly. We’ve had an amazing half a year here in New York while she studied at Columbia University. I’m so proud of her, and I can’t wait till she comes back.

 4. My new metallic ankle boots from Loavies as well. I’m loving that site! I’ll need to shop some more stuff from them.

5. Warm drinks. These days you can mostly find tea in my to go cup, but sometimes black coffee is just needed. I’m loving a warm cup in my hands when it’s cold here in New York. It gets freezing, so a little warm treat feels so cozy.

Xx Christina

December 21st: Shout-outs

I follow so many inspiring bloggers, youtubers, and instagrammers, so today I thought I would share three of them with you. I hope you get inspired!

Beth Sandland 

A very cute gal with a very well curated grid. I love watching her stories as well as she often talks about beauty products, shows her followers around, and then she has the cutest British accent which I’m a sucker for.

Hanna Stefansson

Fashion inspo all day, every day. I love Hannah’s trendy style, her big smile, and her simplicity. There’s always a bit of color and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to find on her grid!

Fanny Ekstrand

Another very colorful yet minimalist grid. Fanny has a very high fashion approach to her Instagram and I find most of the photos very cool and editorial looking. I admire her unique style so much!

 Fashion Eclectic

Happy Sunday

donutsHappy Sunday! (well what’s left of it) Are you all having a good weekend?

Mine has been full of family time with Edward’s mom sleeping over from Friday-Saturday. We had ramen and planned Thanksgiving, which she’s definitely helping me out with. Since Edward and I just moved into a bigger home we thought we would host Thanksgiving this year (not sure that was such a good idea, hah). The only problem being: I’m Danish. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark. So as far as traditions go I don’t know any other than 1. there should be loads of food, 2. there should be loads of drinks, and 3. football should be on the TV. But which food? And how do you cook a turkey to perfection? And what about the sides? How much food is too much food? If any of you have any tips and tricks, pleeeease send them my way!!

On another note, Edward had to work today and so I took the day to have some cozy me-time. I cleaned the apartment (you might not believe it, but I actually have a good time and feel very zen when I clean), I had a power-walk sesh accompanied by some good podcasts, and most importantly I made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed some Halloween donuts. I really only allow myself to splurge on the weekends, and I’ve been craving donuts for what feels like forever. It’s funny how sugary things taste way better when you wait for them…

I hope you all have a lovely evening and a good start to the new week. I’ll try to take a relaxing bath later and go to bed early. Ultimate weekend.