No more shopping! + Competition for you guys

new-york-outfitI’ve been challenged!

A few weeks ago I received an email in my inbox from sweet Sascha from the Danish company Tradono. She first of all complimented the blog and told me she’s been reading along for a long time. Second up she wanted to challenge me.

The production of clothes is now more stressful for our environment than plastic, and therefore Tradono has started the campaign ‘Noktober’ (Enough-tober, roughly translated from Danish. A play on October…) which during the month of October will raise awareness on fast fashion and waste. Now first I didn’t think this would be relevant for you guys, because I know over 50% of you aren’t Danish (and this is a Danish campaign made by a Danish company, ergo everything is gonna be in Danish on their end – but you guys know Google Translate, right? 😉), but then I thought to myself “Although many of you might not be able to understand everything about this campaign, I should still do my part and raise awareness on the subject!” Now, I know that one month isn’t enough to save the world, but we have to start somewhere right?

Trodono has done some research and found out that if 1 person doesn’t buy any new clothes during the month of October we’ll save the world from 15,4 L of water (that’s about 513 showers or approximately 3500 toilet flushes!). Imagine what that water could be used for instead…

hm-blouseaimee-kestenberg-bagSo in the very first post for ‘Noktober’ I wanted to show you a classic outfit that I wore to the office yesterday. I went for the typical jeans and a white shirt updated by the 501-vintage Levi’s cut and the oversized sleeves on the shirt. For accessories I kept it minimal. A classic pair of Gucci shoes, sunglasses, my everyday-jewelry, and my ‘this bag goes with everything’ bag from my job. To stick to the concept I pulled my all time favorite items to create an outfit only using old clothing. The jeans are vintage, the shoes I’ve had for a year now, the shirt is a few weeks old (I know, kind of new, but still not totally new…), the bag is from work, and my jewelry is a good mix of very old (more than 10 years) and kind of old (less than 5 years).

And now to the competition:

You can win a stay for 2 people at Ystad Saltsjöbad (Sweden) with a 3-course dinner (value 4085 SEK). All you have to do is join ‘Noktober’ through here (This is when you’ll probably need Google Translate, but hey, it’s for a good cause).

I hope you all want to join me in shopping smarter, and giving our old clothes one more chance before we throw it away. Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram, how you put together new outfits from old clothes – I would love to get inspired!!

Happy Noktober <3





When I bought this knit I also took a quick look in the sales (H&M has some crazy cheap stuff during the sale). Of course I picked up a few different things, and ended up with five pairs of earrings in my hands. I went for the to boldest pieces, which I think will work well with more casual clothes, to spice up a grey hoodie, and especially for the summer. I’m starting to long for summer, and I guess you can tell if you look in my shopping bags…




I would describe my style as Scandinavian playful and on trend. I love discovering new items, the color for the upcoming seasons, and matching contrasts. So lately I’ve been on the hunt for purple. I am very sure that the color purple (not the movie, just the color), will be one of the colors of 2017 accompanied by yellow.

I love this ruffled purple knit from H&M – it’s feminine and just a little over the top.


H&M ruffled topIMG_1175IMG_1236purple




It’s the detail that makes the outfit. Right? Lately I’ve been loving bold statement pieces like earrings, prints, and now socks. There’s nothing like a glittery sock saying hello from that Gucci slipper, is there? I think not. So recently I’ve purchased socks that pop, like these purple glitter ones (that wore for the Women’s March here in NYC) and the cutest bee logo/striped socks that remind me so much of the ones Gucci presented this season (see below). ASOS must have thought I was a bit crazy, because my order was just 7 pairs of different statement socks (pretty proud of myself for not buying clothes actually). But I just love them all, and I think they throw some sparkle and glitter on my days.

Here are some of my favorite ones that I absolutely need in my life:





Credits: Photos via i-D

I have started this little series called “Eyes On” to show content that inspires me from day to day. This time I’ve found a great series shot by Daniel Jackson in the subways of New York. I love getting inspired by visual universes, which is mainly why I read blogs, magazines, vlogs and so forth, and i-D is definitely one of my favorite magazines when it comes to new, out-of-the-box content. I always (at least since I started dreaming about living in New York City) wanted to do a photoshoot in the subway. I can’t really put a finger on why, but there’s something about that metal tube being very clean (haha, not really) and raw, which works very well with high fashion. Daniel Jackson has perfectly captured the urban jungle feeling mixed with an over-the-top make-up and outfits styled by Alastair McKimm including brands like Céline, Vetement, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.












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