Sometimes you need a little something something. A had for a long time been craving a second pair of frames (and a third, but let’s talk about that later), ‘cause when using them every single day (except for the contact lenses days) it can get a tiny bit boring. So here they are. A new pair of frames. When I met Edward in Warby Parker to find the perfect pair I said to him: “I want statement glasses. Frames that screams I’m wearing glasses!” And I definitely think I found them. I didn’t go too fashionista crazy, but kept my minimalistic roots just a bit.

I also found a pair with a see-trough frame, which I’m very tempted by. But for now I’ll give a little love to this pair and take them out on a New York stroll.



IMG_7974 IMG_7937

Shoes Zara Jeans Levi’s | Shirt Zara Necklace Jane König | Frames Warby Parker


When you feel like shit, wear your favorite outfit

knitJewelryKnit Aritzia | Tee Mads Nørgaard | Jeans Zara | Brogues Zara | Watch Marc Jacobs | Glasses Paul Smith

I don’t feel like shit, I actually feel pretty good these days. Nonetheless it is so true. When I’m stressed, sad, or just having an off day, wearing a great outfit, that I feel comfortable in is key. ‘Cause when I feel comfortable, I feel confident. And that shows.

And this goes for days where I’m feeling good as well. It just adds to the positivity to wear your favorite knit, shoes, or maybe a new favorite necklace. Lately I’ve been loving this knit vest by Aritzia, that I bought on one insanely cold January day expecting New York City to bring more where that came from. On top of that my newest purchase(s); the jeans with raw hem, and the bordeaux brogue shoes both victims of drastically reduced cost (read: Zara’s genius sale).


Greene StreetCamel CoatCoat Daniel Hechter

This day I hung out in SoHo with my friend Pernille, doing some shopping, grabbing lunch in Dean & Deluca (accompanied by a nice cup of coffee), and talking about all and nothing. The perfect relaxing Saturday after a long work week. Follow me on Snapchat (chriswonsbeck) and Instagram for everyday updates.

And hey, what’s your favorite outfit at the moment? Comment down below, I would love to know and get inspired!


Hunting down that perfect, but warm coat


Coat Uniqlo | Jeans Levis | Bag Michael Kors | Boots Vagabond

Once upon a time a fashionista had moved to New York City, and was for the first time in her life facing the cold winter on the east coast. People had been telling her how freezing it gets in The City, but she had not believed them. She had thought, that her upbringing in the Northern Europe had prepared her for crazy winter. But was she wrong!


Lipstick Sephora Lip Stain

The winter set in a little after New Year’s Eve, and the fashionistas hunt for the perfect warm coat set in. Coats was tried on, coats were rejected, coats were bought, and returned again. She were almost about to give up, and give in. But then one night she walked into Uniqlo as she had heard rumors about this brand having perfect warm coats. She walked in, and up the stairs. And there it was, the perfect warm coat. It was a black, had several pockets, it was puffy but did not make her look like the Michelin man, and had a hoodie decorated with beautiful faux fur.

It became a true love story, and they lived happily ever after (hopefully the quality is that good).


The Art of Outfit-Emojing


Shirt from Zara

Can I just say Oh My God (cat-smiley with hearts as eyes). How cute is this t-shirt? I’ve been looking to step up my emoji outfit game since my colleague came to work wearing the most gorgeous emoji-sweater ever seen! That evening after work I asked Edward (the boyfriend) if he thought I could justify spending $218 on yarn with glittery pizzas on it. Asking him was probably more like asking myself out loud, and he didn’t really come up with a useful answer anyway… More like “Ya babe, if you feel like that’s what you want to spend your money on”. So I was gonna go to Bloomingdale’s one fine Saturday afternoon, but on my way I stopped in Zara, “just to take a look”, I told myself. And we all know what coming next right? It’s like whomever is up there had heard my prayers, ‘cause laying in front of me was this cute emoji tee with two of my all time favorite emojis (the lips and the eyes) to the gentle price of $22. That I could justify to my budget!

I never made it to Bloomingdale’s, but I did make it back to Zara the week after to buy the long sleeved version of the emoji party. One happy shopper!


SoHo stroll


As for now I’m sitting at a Starbucks on Broadway and Dyckman St. Loud Indie music playing and people standing in a kilometers long line (that was me exaggerating) to get their afternoon caffein rush. But actually I?m going to take you with me back to a lovely afternoon in SoHo last Thursday. I was meeting up with a friend, and after running a few errands we figured it was time for some serious shopping. So where else to go than SoHo? I?m telling you, it?s my no. 1 favorite shopping destination.


I was actually planning on not buying anything, as it is so damn expensive to move here. But you know, things don?t always go as planned. Especially if you?re a shopping addicted fashionista like me (And like my friend actually, so I guess her being there didn?t help me).

It all went down when we entered DASH botique. My friend needed a dress for Friday?s rooftop party, and I guess I needed a new necklace. Because there it was, the perfect white bone statement necklace that I had been looking for, for so long. I mean, oh my God! And quickly I agreed with myself that this was one of those situations, that if I didn?t buy it, I would regret it for the rest of my life (exaggerating again, but you get the point). And you know what? I haven?t taken it off since.


Anyway, I just finished my coffee, it?s a very fine Saturday, so I guess I?m heading to Central Park for a little tanning session. Talk to you soon!


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