Latest addition to the family


Today has been a real off-day. Just one of those days where you wake up in a bad mood, and even your best friend (the dark morning roast, a mug of happiness) can’t solve it. So Edward (my boyfriend, for those you didn’t know) invited me for Brunch & Browsing. We got in the car and drove 20 minutes upstate to White Plains, which I just loooove, where we had a lovely brunch. Afterwards Edward took me to Westchester Mall (the browsing part), so I could finally buy the Gucci shoes I have saved up for for too long and talked about even longer. I had planned to buy the Jordaan loafers in black leather, but actually ended up with the Payton Mid Heel in black leather. They had a bit more heel, which my 162cm always appreciate, and then they have a very square front and a little more “pop” with the signature red and green band and the two G’s.

I think it’s safe to say that this trip made my day, and although I’m still a bit down, I cannot wait to wear my newest addition to the “South-of-my-ankles” family and show you guys how I’m going to style them.





Sunday fun day


Tee The Gap | Jeans Levi’s | Shoes Nike Huarche | Scarf Levi’s | Bag Michael Kors | Sunglasses Ray-Ban

What’s better than a day of nothing to do but enjoy good company and a great brunch (and coffee)? That was my Sunday. An early brunch at the cozy Aussie café “Bluestone Lane” in The Village, was quickly followed by loads of shopping in SoHo. I simply cannot wait for Spring to arrive here in The City. It’s like we’re getting a taste of it, but it’s not quite warm enough to drop the jacket yet (except when you find that perfect spot in the sun).

I was especially on the hunt for one item. A new pair of sunglasses. More specific: Céline. I had been discussing this with myself for some weeks, and had come to the conclusion, that this buy was necessary. First of all because they make everything look like a million. You can literally look (and feel) like a piece of shit, and they’ll still fool people to think you are on fleek. And second of all because the sun shines 90% of the days here, and one just need to have several pair of sunglasses. That’s obvious. Right?






Before Spring settles


Jacket Uniqlo Sweater Aritzia | Necklace Jacquie Aiche & Jane Konig | Sunglasses Ray-Ban | Bag Gucci | Pants H&M | Shoes Zara

New York is currently on the fence of Winter vs. Spring. One might call it an early state of schizophrenia. I call it shopping season. The “get ready for what’s to come”-season. Maybe because I’m tired of the zero degrees demanding their seat front row in this show, or maybe because the brands are booming with new inspiring collections. Maybe both.

But one thing’s for sure: I went shopping. On a bright and sunny Saturday I joined my friend Casey for brunch and shopping (it’s becoming my absolute favorite weekend activity). We walked up and down Upper East Side, making sure we’d seen everything there was to see and a little more. But did I buy anything? No. The disappointment had no end. It’s funny how when you’re really in the “big spender”-mood, you never find anything to buy. Or it that just me? Maybe it’s because the weather is confusing me, and I won’t even be able to wear that cute skirt hanging on the racks in Bloomingdale’s. I am definitely willing to go on a volume II mission. Same time next weekend? (where rumors actually say Spring will come)

IMG_6343IMG_6342 IMG_6339






Sometimes you need a little something something. A had for a long time been craving a second pair of frames (and a third, but let’s talk about that later), ‘cause when using them every single day (except for the contact lenses days) it can get a tiny bit boring. So here they are. A new pair of frames. When I met Edward in Warby Parker to find the perfect pair I said to him: “I want statement glasses. Frames that screams I’m wearing glasses!” And I definitely think I found them. I didn’t go too fashionista crazy, but kept my minimalistic roots just a bit.

I also found a pair with a see-trough frame, which I’m very tempted by. But for now I’ll give a little love to this pair and take them out on a New York stroll.



IMG_7974 IMG_7937

Shoes Zara Jeans Levi’s | Shirt Zara Necklace Jane König | Frames Warby Parker


When you feel like shit, wear your favorite outfit

knitJewelryKnit Aritzia | Tee Mads Nørgaard | Jeans Zara | Brogues Zara | Watch Marc Jacobs | Glasses Paul Smith

I don’t feel like shit, I actually feel pretty good these days. Nonetheless it is so true. When I’m stressed, sad, or just having an off day, wearing a great outfit, that I feel comfortable in is key. ‘Cause when I feel comfortable, I feel confident. And that shows.

And this goes for days where I’m feeling good as well. It just adds to the positivity to wear your favorite knit, shoes, or maybe a new favorite necklace. Lately I’ve been loving this knit vest by Aritzia, that I bought on one insanely cold January day expecting New York City to bring more where that came from. On top of that my newest purchase(s); the jeans with raw hem, and the bordeaux brogue shoes both victims of drastically reduced cost (read: Zara’s genius sale).


Greene StreetCamel CoatCoat Daniel Hechter

This day I hung out in SoHo with my friend Pernille, doing some shopping, grabbing lunch in Dean & Deluca (accompanied by a nice cup of coffee), and talking about all and nothing. The perfect relaxing Saturday after a long work week. Follow me on Snapchat (chriswonsbeck) and Instagram for everyday updates.

And hey, what’s your favorite outfit at the moment? Comment down below, I would love to know and get inspired!


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