Happy weekend, ready for shopping!

Hi angels,

I’m actually on my way to the gym as we speak. Gotta get that morning work-out in, but I just wanted to check in quickly and give you a good tip. At least if you’re in the mood for some shopping this weekend. I know I am!

Boozt is offering 20% extra off of their products this weekend only, which is perfect news for me since I’ve been having this shopping urge lately. I wanna say, that I’m usually pretty good at keeping my shopping to a minimum, just because… rent, food shopping, bills… But lately I’ve been finding myself in Zara, H&M, and Nordstrom during my lunch breaks, and if not the physical store I’ve just been virtually shopping on the many shopping apps on my phone. I actually especially like Urban Outfitters shopping app, just a tip.

But back to the 20% extra off. That’s too good to let pass, so I took a little stroll on their website and found some really cool items:


Calvin Klein sweatshirt | Moschino BagBilli Bi SneakersPlease Jeans Pants | Please Jeans Coat | Wood Wood TopRebecca Minkoff bag | Levi’s Overalls | Diesel T-shirt

Let me know if you buy anything, I love to see what other people shop (which is also way I’m always watching ASOS Hauls on YouTube!).

Happy weekend loves! I’ll see you tomorrow.

Xx Christina

My favorite items from the sales

I love a good sale. Especially when I don’t have to stand in line in the store, but can sit comfortably under a blanket at home. Maybe even with a cuppa tea and a lit Jo Malone candle. Since I’ve been going through the good deals the last couple of days I thought I would share them with you. Maybe some of you are back at work and havn’t had time to look, or maybe you just cannot with the overload of products and deals. I got you!

1.The ultimate lounge wear 2. Patch Work Jeans 3. Baker Boy Hat 4. Color block knit 5. Over The Knee Boots 6. Tote Bag 7. Midi Dress With Contrast Paneling 8. Point Mid Heel Silver Darlings 9. Split, Wide Legged Jeans With Cool Pearl Detail

Gina Tricot
1.Fleece sweater with cute quote 2. Ganni Sweater Dupe 3. Pink Scarf 4. Patterned Stockings 5. Crystal Black Triangle Ring 6. Red Skirt 7. Black Skirt 8. Satin Dress With Pattern 9. Layered Dress With Flower Pattern

1.Filling Pieces Sneakers 2. Ganni Love Dog Tee 3. Calvin Klein Sweater 4. Malene Birger swinsuit 5. Billi Bi Studded Bots 6. Billi Bi Winter Boots 7. InWear Velour Dress 8. Rebecca Minkoff Jacket 9. United Colors of Beneton gloves

1.Abstract Hem Mom Jeans 2. Knot Front Midi Slip Dress 3. Star Mesh Body Suit 4. Statement Pointed Heels 5. Oversized Denim Jacket 6. Dark Blue Ripped Jeans 7. Cateye Sunglasses 8. Velvet Midi Dress 9. Bath Robe

Xx Christina

December 20th: PJ’s for Christmas Day

It’s time for a little PJ’s inspo. Edward and I (And I bet a lot of other families) have the tradition of staying in our PJ’s on Christmas Day while we watch movies, enjoy good food, and open the last half of the presents (we open the first half on the Danish Christmas Eve the 24th). So I thought it would only be right to bring out the PJ’s in here. Maybe some of you guys are on the market for a new one? Does anyone have the same tradition? If you have other traditions, I would LOVE to hear them <3

picmonkey-collage-21 ) ASOS Gingerbread man PJ’s 2) Victoria’s Secret Flannel PJ’s 3) Asceno Silk PJ’s 4) Asceno White Silk PJ’s 5) Gina Tricot Floral PJ’s 6) Monki Gnome Dot PJ’s 7) New Look Tartan PJ’s 8) River Island Jungle PJ’s 9) ASOS Sheep PJ’s

Fashion Eclectic

December 14th: Festive dresses for Christmas Eve Dinner + 30% off on ASOS

I’m starting to think about what to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and while scrolling through the many pages of festive wear I thought some of you might need a little inspo on that note as well. I think key to a good Christmas Eve outfit is something loose, that will hide the food-baby you for sure will end up with, and then I think some glitter or velour is the way to go. But there are so many good choices, so below I’ve chosen some of my favorites.

Also, ASOS is having 30% off gifts until December 21st and below dresses are all from this sale. Happy shopping guys! Let me know what you’re wearing on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day guys. <3

picmonkey-collage-21 ) Black Velvet Wrap Dress 2) Midi Lace Dress 3) Bardot Shirred Lace Dress 4) Sweater Dress with Pearls 5) Lace Mini Dress 6) Weekday Dress with Digital Print 7) Drop Hem Dress 8) Check Dress 9) Velvet & Lace Dress 10) Heritage Check Dress 11) Weekday Stripe Dress 12) Lace Hem Midi Dress


Happy Cyber Monday!

hvisk1 ) Earrings 2) Ring 3) Hoop Earrings 4) Necklace

I wear jewelry everyday, and I feel naked without. I wear several gold rings, a couple of necklaces, and mostly hoop earrings. My jewelry is a part of me, and I’m constantly on the lookout for more timeless pieces to add to my everyday look.

For Cyber Monday Hvisk offers 30% off on a line of different jewelry, so I’ve gathered my favorites above for you guys. Happy shopping, and let me know your favorites down below!


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