Those white boots

zara blazer

Good morning angels!

How are you doing? It’s been a minute since I talked to you last time. And that was with an outfit from San Francisco. Today with an outfit from New York City. I’m back in the everyday life for sure. Work, commuting, that everyday routine. But now it’s Tuesday, so I successfully lived through Monday, and actually got a lot done tbh. Also something else happended yesterday. I’m sure all my fellow SATC-fans have already heard the news, but Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for New York governor. I came out from a meeting with so many notifications on Facebook and Instagram, and it was because so many of my dear Danes had been tagging me in her posts. I love that they know how happy that would make me. And I am just so excited. If you haven’t watched her campaign video, I definitely think you should. To me, there’s so much Miranda in her and I almost feel like the Miranda-character is on a mission. I know she’s not, but it makes me happy to think about it like that, haha.





Another thing that makes me happy (great bridge from one subject to another, haha) is these white boots I finally got my hands on. I had looked at a pair from H&M first, but I decided they were a bit too cheap to last long (also I feel a little “so so” about H&M these days. Just gonna take a break from them until they get it together. Read about their latest mistakes here and here). But on Friday I was done with work a little earlier than normally, and decided it was time for a little shopping, so I headed to Urban Outfitter mainly to look for one of those comfy-looking teddy bear jackets (I was out of luck), but ended up finding these white boots. They are in super soft leather and was not that expensive either.

I paired them with more of an eclectic style outfit, but also plan to wear them with cute dresses, and more seventies style outfits. I’m very inspired by the styling that Jenn Im did for her Eggie Festival Drop. Trying to obtain that vibe.

Now I hope you all have a lovely day, and to my Danes, I hope you have a lovely rest of your day.

Xx Christina

California blues

d23995bc-df56-4d77-af7a-a0e03fc6db56a2367c18-cc95-4813-b337-59185ed9c0a2Hi angels!

I’m back in New York again. Back to 0 degrees and blizzard no. 1M this season (I stopped counting). But I do have a few more photos from California to share with you. Saturday morning Edward and I were headed back to his family in Antioch, but since we had a little extra time, we took the opportunity to stroll around San Francisco’s streets just one last time. I wore one of my favorite outfits: 90’s mom jeans and a white tee. Just updated to 2018 with a beret and my white Superga sneakers. Edward said I looked like Picasso… I don’t know about that, haha. I thought I looked trendy.


We went to see the Painted Ladies one more time (just because they are so pretty), drive up and down the streets around, and then we ended up at a Pancho Villa Taqueria for a burrito to-go for the drive home. Edwards cousin had mentioned to us, that it’s a pretty good restaurant, but they were just next level. I’ve never had such a good burrito. And then we were off to Antioch for me to meet Edward aunts, uncles, and cousins. A lot of new people for a semi-shy person like myself. Very intimidating. But they were all so lovely and made me feel very welcome. It makes me feel so much more at home here in America, knowing more of Edward’s family and feeling like I have more people here. That’s definitely the toughest thing about living abroad. Not having my family here. But this whole vacation put such a big smile on my face and I’m so ready to explore way more of California. Next up: A couple of days in San Francisco, road trip from San Francisco to LA, and then ending with a week there.

Xx Christina

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Ready for the weekend


Hey angels,

Happy Friday! Almost the weekend, huh. I think this week went by to fast. I’ve been getting up earlier to get more out of my morning, had lots of things to do at work (a Spring shoot, loads of social media planning, and getting our website up to date etc.), and been working out with my PA two nights. And there we were, almost the weekend! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Partying? Or taking it to the max relax? Maybe going to an exhibition? My friend just tagged me in an Instagram post from the Whitney Museum, and apparently Grant Wood is showing from today. Just a little service info for the people who might be interested in that…


I don’t have any crazy plans other than working out tomorrow morning, doing some work, and tidying up/cleaning the apartment. I guess that’s enough plans now I think about it, haha. But I am going to wear my new statement earrings (launching on next week) no matter what I end up doing. Even just for doing laundry. Gotta do it in style. Actually, I might just sit and sip my coffee in my sunny bedroom corner for the whole weekend. Come Monday I’m sure i’ll be very zen.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’ll see you on Sunday.

 Xx Christina

On Wednesday we wear Pink

Jacket H&M (old, but similar here) / Hat H&M

Hi friends!

How are you?

Are any of my American (or non-American, I guess you could be watching it online) fellows watching the Bachelor? Who do you think Arie will choose? I was personally very surprised that he kept Kendall and sent Tia home, and especially because he then sent Kendall home this week. I thought Tia was such a sweetheart. But a lot of people are speculating if she’ll be the next Bachelorette then. I hope so. Such a sweet, genuine woman.


big-daddys milkshake

In honor of Pink Wednesday and my favorite blogger, Cathrine from Rock Paper Dresses, I’m bringing you a very pink outfit accompanied by a very pink milkshake from Big Daddy’s Diner (really cute spot, but be prepared to leave in sugar coma). Do you guys remember that time, when bloggers used to have blogrolls? It would be 5-10 people, who we linked to in the sidebar. That was back when I used to blog on Such a lovely thing to do, actually (The blog roll that is). I feel like the 2018 version of this blog roll has been coming back over on Instagram lately. People linking to other inspiring content on their stories. I even created a stories highlight called ‘Friday Favorites’, where I share all my favorite ‘grammers (go check it out if you need some #inspo). I thought it would only be right to share a little love to the blogger community, so if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know Cathrine you should definitely go check her out!

And just to continue the love, here are a few more blogs I love:

Isabella Thordsen

Gal Meets Glam

Estée Lalonde

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Have a lovely hump day!

Xx Christina

Easy work wear: dress shirts


Shirt H&M / Jeans H&M / Shoes Gucci / Sunglasses Celine

I never really thought I had a uniform. I always wanted to say that I had one, because I was reading other blogs where they were like “I’ll wear this and this, my style is this and this,” and I used to envy them so much. I thought they were so confident in their style.

But after I started working in an office I realize I do have a uniform. I work in a semi-casual office, which means that jeans are ok, and you can also wear trendy pieces without thinking too much about it. When I got this new role, I decided that I always want to look professional rather than very fashionable (like I used to do more of at my old job), just because I really want to be taken seriously in this role and be able to meet clients any time. So after a while I’ve noticed, that I now have my uniform. It’s easy, casual chic, sometimes more fashionable, and sometimes more classic. A dress shirt, jeans, nice shoes (preferably with a little heel). And then I tend to wear a lot of jewelry.



This shirt is a new one from H&M and I love the stylish stripes and the fact that it’s a little longer. It’s colorful and fun, but also office appropriate. Paired with jeans, nice shoes, and jewelry. This is really what I wear to work every day (with a little variation).


Xx Christina