On A Rainy New York Day

hm-shirtBlouse H&M (similar) / Jeans ASOS / Earrings H&M (similar) / Boots Loavies / Glasses Warby Parker (similar)

Hi my loves!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Or maybe Galentine’s Day? (And I know I have a few men reading also, so Palentine’s Day for you!) Mine was so lovely. Edward surprised me with flowers and breakfast this morning before he offered to drive me to work (who knew that would only take half the amount of time the subway takes? If I only had a driver every day, haha. A girl can dream). Right before my lunch break he called and said he was outside my office, and so we went on a lunch date downtown. Such a lovely day full of surprises. Edward works odd hours this week, so to give him a treat too (when he comes home at midnight), I made him a little ‘after work’-package with a beer, chips, salsa & guac, some Hershey’s Kisses, and of course a cute card.

It’s so fun to experience these holidays in another country, and see how they celebrate. On my way home from work I saw so many girls with flowers, teddy bears, even heart shaped balloons. And guys with flowers and chocolate. It’s maybe a bit much, but I really just embraced all the love in the air.



On another (Valentine’s) note, I wanted to show you guys my outfit from the other day. It turned out to be a very rainy day in New York, but ever since moving here I’ve so dearly missed the rainy days that we have en Denmark. I didn’t think I would ever miss grey, rainy days, but with an umbrella and coffee in hand, I just think they are so cozy. I wore a new casual favorite of mine, this striped cotton shirt. It’s oh so soft, and stripes just make every outfit effortless chic. It would be really cute to dress up for work with dress pants and my Gucci loafers.

 Have a lovely Thursday you guys. It’s almost the weekend!

Xx Christina

Sunday Funday

Fashion EclecticPepsi Sweater H&M / Jeans ASOS / Slippers Uggs

I actually went outside my apartment today. Out in the fresh air. Such an accomplishment! We went for a little Sunday Brunch in the area. Maybe I should make a brunch guide on different areas here in New York? Would anyone like that?

Last night we had some friends over for a very relaxing night of Thai take-out and a movie. Today is laundry day. I feel a lot like Miranda, when it comes to scheduling my weekend. Remember in SATC when she meets Steve and he tries to have her sleep in on Saturdays? She freaks out because that’s the day she does spinning, takes her clothes to the dry cleaners etc. That’s exactly how I feel about Sundays. They consist of laundry, cleaning, and relaxing. If my plans get interrupted I might just freak out a bit. Just a bit. Not saying that this is a healthy thing, but I do love my little routines. Probably just human. Does any of you guys have weekend routines? Maybe a little more fun that mine (although mine are very close to my heart)?

Fashion Eclectic

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and are getting ready for the new week. I’m going back to work tomorrow, and I’m just visualizing the pile of work that’s waiting on my desk… Fun times.

Xx Christina

Paris in New York

98e47787-7fe3-46e2-8e75-5a0fe3e6da6c Hey guys! Happy Sunday <3

What are you all up to today? Anybody watching Superbowl? I’m going to a bar in Jersey with Edward and some friends. I was told that we’re cheering for The Eagles, so that’s what I’m going to do. Haha, I don’t know much about American Football, but I definitely have fun watching it.




On another note a had a lot of fun taking these photos. I felt a little Parisian running around New York with my baret. Edward and I were going to our friend’s new apartment on Roosevelt Island, and had a little time to kill first. So I grabbed the bouquet of flowers I bought for our friends (guilty as charged) and went out in the golden hour. Then we went on a little shopping trip on the East Side, where I found some really good pieces in H&M. A button down for work, a few cute sweatshirts, and some fun hoops.

And then we went to Roosevelt Island to see our friend’s apartment. A very nice penthouse studio with the view of Queens. It’s a weird little island between Manhattan and Queens. One main street, called Main Street. 5 minutes drive from one end to the other. New apartment buildings everywhere. But it was a cute little community. If you’re wanting to visit Roosevelt Island, I suggest you take the Tramway from the East Side of Manhattan. A fun extra experience. Or you can take the F-subway.

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Xx Christina



That perfect everyday outfit & an honest talk

Checking in with a portion of love for you guys! I’m having such a rough time atm, I think the weather is effecting me a more this year than ever before. It is so freezing every single day, and I feel like I can’t spend any time outside. I’m tired in the morning, tired during the day, tired at night. And with that I don’t feel very motivated. Very little new year, new me over here, hah! So yeah, I could really use a big splash of goodness, so I decided to give that to you. There might be someone out there who needs it!

Edward and I went out to shoot this outfit on a very cold Sunday afternoon last week, and I’m telling you, it was the quickest shooting sesh we’ve ever done. While blowing these kisses at you (that I so dearly need) I could see my own breath in the air.


But nevertheless, I wasn’t gonna let that stop me! I have an outfit to show, ya know?! I’m so in love with this blue, almost sculptural sweater from H&M. I’ve been wanting a blue knit for a long time, I just had to find the perfect one. I think it’s a very classic color, and since I’m a jeans girl (always have been) I thought it would make a great tone-in-tone outfit with 90’s looking vintage jeans. As a cool detail I put on a baker boy hat, 50% because I’m loving this shape of hat atm, and 50% because my hair was greasy. It was a win win situation.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day! If not, let’s share our negativity in the comments below. We all need to just get it out sometimes. <3

Xx Christina

My favorite outfits from 2017

It’s time for a look down the ‘#OOTD Memory Lane’ and I thought it would be fun to pick my favorite outfit from each month in 2017, but it turns out my blogging was less consistent in the beginning of the year and therefore the plan had to change a bit. So how about I just choose 10 of my favorites? Let me know in the comments down below which is your favorite? If any (Hah!).

greenery510. Green on green and a pop of red in this outfit from a May morning on Madison Avenue.

zara-bag9. A summer outfit from the week before Edward and I flew to Spain to meet my family for a vacation outside Barcelona.

shadow8. I ran around the UES looking like a mix between a sailor and a 90’s chic.

new-york-outfit7. I started my new job and wore this outfit on-and-on until the jeans one day broke right under my butt. Not a good office look.

img_95386. I wore simple dresses like this one on the Autumn days that still felt like Summer.

zara-blazer5. I picked pumpkins in my favorite blazer this year.

img_05344. I bought a new Winter coat and a cute baret to match (or mis-match). Been loving the masculine shape of the coat with the more feminine hat.

58523741-3578-4571-878e-bc7fe00f27ad3. Red will probably stay my favorite color forever. This sweater was this year’s Christmas sweater for me.

img_18312. Who knew 2017 would be the year I started wearing all black? Never in my life would I have thought. Never would my big sister have thought, and she also commented on my Instagram that in our whole life she has never seen me in all black. Big thing. But I must say I understand why it’s such a thing.

1. A new favorite in my closet. And an addition to my fur/faux fur collection. I now have two. Maybe I love it because Edward hates it? Or maybe because I feel a little extra? Or because everyone seems to give me compliments? IDK, but I love it so much.

Xx Christina