Although I’ve lived in The US nearly two years now, and visited the States several times before then, I’ve never been to La La Land. There are so many places I haven’t been yet. Going through the rough winter in NYC had me started dreaming about warmer times, and for the past (many, many) months, I’ve dreamed about visiting (maybe even moving to) Los Angeles. I follow a lot of gorgeous Intagrammers/bloggers from California, and they have really started an inner longing for the warm, less humid, and more laid-back city. I should probably go visit the city before I start dreaming about moving there (hah, typical me)!

For now though, I’ve brought California to me shaped as the most perfect golden bomber from Stussy. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a favorite for the coming season, and actually especially Fall with all the golden colors.

I wore it to work last week styled with a Springy green button-down, and my favorite Levi’s 501 (which I’ve been wearing non-stop since I bought them), and for a little more detail my leopard ballerinas and classic Ray-Bans.



This post is made in collaboration with Belinda Jewelz, find my ring here.

What I love about fashion is having fun. Simple as that. Fashion makes me forget about real life (in a good way), and just play around with trends, putting on a new item that makes you feel fresh and inspired. I just love fashion.

My latest obsession is very colorful. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that Spring is here, or if it’s just because color makes me happy. I’ve been obsessed with yellow (which I also talked about here) and my latest purchase, a striped shirt from Comme Des Garcons, just so happens also to be that color… Actually, not a coincidence at all. I wanted it to compliment my newest jewelry from Belinda Jewelz, which is a cute ring with a Citrine gem stone and little diamonds on both sides.

I usually don’t wear such very feminine jewelry, but this ring really spoke to my inner princess. I styled the look with distressed 501’s from Levi’s, and popping accessories like the logo Gucci clutch and leopard ballerinas. I felt totally ready for Spring, and I plan on wearing this outfit to death the next couple of months!

Have a great day guys!


Prada Silk Shirt

I said yellow, didn’t I? So here you go. I’m keeping my word. Or more like I’m keeping my believe in yellow (and purple) being the shiz this year. This vintage dress shirt from Prada might not be a very yellow yellow, but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it hanging there in my local vintage pusher. It was yelling out my name. And the same goes for the 90’s jeans I’m wearing. Saw them. Had to have them. They are the Levi’s 501 high rise model, which I’ve been looking for everywhere! 

I’m loving how the lighter colors make the outfit fresher and more spring-like although this day was almost too cold to be taking outfit photos (come oooon spring). I’m not lying when I say we shot for max 10 minutes, and it was almost impossible to shoot without a jacket. But I wanted to show you guys, because this is very much a go-to for me right now.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and got inspired!


90's outfit

SoHo Outfit




outfit details

About a week ago I finally found somewhere to watch Beverly Hills 90210 Classic (Thank you Hulu!), and have been binge watching the show since. Although many people might find this corny, I spent the majority of my teenage years with this group of friends. Not that I didn’t have my own, and they would also watch the show with me, but I’m a person that needs a lot a me-time. And this would be how I spent it (and now I can do that again, yay). Either while reading magazines, working on the blog I had back then, doing creative stuff, and so on. My favorite thing would actually be peeling a pomelo (definitely a top 10 of favorite fruit), while watching Beverly, and then maybe drawing or making collages or something like that. Sounds stupid, but was such a favorite.

So with all this traveling back to the early 90’s, I have naturally also been craving the chic style from the show. I’m on the hunt for high-waisted light washed jeans and a blazer with statement shoulder pads (eyeing this Balmain blazer). But my latest buy is these 90’s inspired sunglasses from ASOS. They give me such a cool Kelly-vibe. I’ve seen this trend more and more in the street style, so I’m sure it’s coming to stay for spring and summer.



90s sunglasses

Red Pop



New York City

Today I would like to present to you a project that I’m really proud of. Remember that I attended the Marrisa Wilson NY NYFW F/W17 presentation? It’s a fairly new brand, and I just loved being introduced to it. I got together with Marrisa and chose my three favorite items to style in this story for you guys (I’ve also posted a few different shots on my Instagram).

The F/W ’17 collection is a modern reinterpretation of 1970’s New York. Marrisa had the idea of creating the coolest ‘Girl Gang’ inspired from a group of strong women she had been working with in developing her brand. The key concepts for the collection are plush velvets, luxurious furs, and funky printed plaid artwork. I’ve chosen to style two different jackets, a dark caramel velvet bomber and a yellow track jacket, and the cutest ruffled velvet top in dark blue.


Blue Velvet Marcy Ruffle Top

I immediately fell in love with this ruffled top in the softest velvet. I wanted to pair the midnight blue with the crisp white shirt and fun jeans for a casual twist. And then a pair of simple but statement earrings. It’s a top that can be dressed down for work and dressed up for a night out, and I love that about it.

Blue Velvel Top outfit


Yellow Twill Jones Track Jacket

This jacket was probably the one I noticed first at the presentation back at NYFW. Maybe because of its yellow color, maybe because it has some really cool 70’s tracksuit references. Maybe both. I just love it. I paired it with army green culottes, white sneaks, and feminine accessories. It’s more of a laid back day-look, and perfect for discovering the city.

Yellow Twill Jones Jacket outfit


Dark Caramel Velvet Bomber

This last outfit is more of a statement. I love how the jacket capture the sunlight and become golden. It’s so soft, and I felt very comfortable in this outfit (not to talk about how many compliments I got). I definitely need this jacket in my wardrobe! I paired it with a sporty tee, fun jeans, white sneaks, and cool accessories for some extra detail.

Bomber Outfit

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