Happy Monday!


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Hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing weekend filled with lovely happenings. For me, this was a milestone weekend, as Summer Friday started (when the office closes earlier, in my case 3PM, because it’s hot and summery outside). So the weekend started early, and I was sooooo excited! I headed to Williamsburg for a cozy afternoon/night with my good friend Pernille. My office being located in Chelsea, this was a perfect opportunity to go to Brooklyn.

And for this special occasion I obviously had to wear something very summer appropriate. What else than a good pair of striped pants? Paired with my Two Songs tee (which supports breast cancer hence the rose tits), my red bag, and a pair of sandals I felt so ready.





After shopping around all the cool vintage stores in Williamsburg, we went down to the water to watch the sunset. If there’s one thing that can amaze me every single day, it’s the sunset. It. Is. So. Breathtaking. Especially after I moved to NYC have I seen some out-of-this-world sunsets (Does anybody else care this much about the sun setting? Haha). We ended up eating dinner outside in the summer night. A good glass of red wine, a lasagna. Two happy gals.

The rest of my weekend I basically just enjoyed the sun. Did some biking. Did some shopping (if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen all of this). I also attempted to start my very first vlog. A seriously awkward thing to do, when you’re around Columbus Circle and therefore around a lot of people. People who don’t necessarily understand why you’re talking to your camera. But I promised myself I would start this year, so that I am.

Anyways, it’s Monday, time to get this new week started. Let’s go make it amazing!



Summer Has Arrived


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I’ve had such a major outfit crisis lately. A two-week long outfit crisis to be exact. Just because the weather really hasn’t realized summer is coming, you know. But then June 1st came and something happened (I know it’s technically not summer until June 20th, but in my head it starts June 1st), and as you can imagine, the crisis was gone with the wind. On with a good old skirt and t-shirt topped off with my favorite heeled sandals, sunglasses, and my new backpack.

Luckily this day started with a breakfast event at SoHo’s Chefs Club Counter, which allowed me to enjoy the good weather (instead of being trapped at my desk in the office) and go for a little stroll around the area. It also allowed me to try all the new breakfast items from chef Alvin Cailan (the man who created Egg Slut), and if you’re in New York I would definitely recommend trying the menu. Delicious!

The first blog post in my New York guide series just went live over on Emma Martiny’s blog. This first one is all about shopping and sightseeing, so if you want to take a read, you can do that right here. You can also get to know loads of go-to places in NYC if you visit the NYC Stories category here on the blog.







Images by Stina

One color I’ve been embracing (besides pink and yellow) this spring is green. I love mixing different tones of the color and different textures to create some contrast in the outfit, like I did here with the darker trousers and lighter striped button down. For this outfit I treated the green as a neutral and added a pop of color with my red Gucci loafers and yellow sunnies, as well as threw in a bunch of jewelry from Pandora and Mejuri and a logo-maniac vintage Gucci clutch.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how versatile this outfit is? I definitely went to work in it, I definitely also went out for a Kombucha with a friend after work in it, and I definitely also played couch potato with Edward at night in it. I love when items are good looking, but oh so comfy. I always tend to get more complements on outfits that I feel good in, and I think that?s because it brings out some sort of confidence.


I love how the trees and bushes in New York are finally getting colored and after walking pass this cute street on the Upper East I figured all the green leafs would accompany my outfit perfectly. I think my goal for living in New York should be to own a townhouse on this street one day, how lovely would it be to sit on the stoop and enjoy your morning coffee while the sun gets up?


Spring has sprung (need to pull this pun at least once a year, haha) in New York City, and I’m in the midst of a major clean out of my wardrobe. I forgot how energizing it is to throw away stuff and make room for new. But instead of just throwing out everything or giving it to charity, I’ve tried giving new life to old items. Wearing them in new ways.

During my clean out I decided that I needed a fun pair of sandals for this summer, which I found on a random Madison Ave stroll in a random vintage store. I decided to take a peek because I saw how you needed to ring a bell to be let in. In my head there obviously must be treasures in there! And there was. I found these one of a kind Aladdin-like Oscar de la Renta mules with loads of beats. They remind me of the shoes Carrie buys at the market in Abu Dhabi in SATC 2 (do you know what I’m referring to?). The salesman told me he thought I was very young to be owning a pair of Oscar de la Renta shoes, but I don’t care. I love them.

Having bought new shoes made me put on two high street oldies (but goodies) from Zara and ASOS. The trousers I’ve had for years, and the shirt I bought last summer. For some weird reason it satisfies me to wear old items but feeling all cool in them again. Do you guys get excited about that as well?




I’m so happy that it’s finally warm enough to wear skirts and t-shirts, and little cute shoes. We’re reaching a very comfortable temperature here in New York City. Definitely took a while, but look at us now. Pink blossoms and all. So as the average blogger that I am, I of course always scout photo shoot locations. And since the trees are blooming again I figured the Riverside Park would be the place. So here we are. Pink on pink background, red details, and a neutral colored skirt.

A week ago after a romantic dinner on The Upper West Side Edward surprised me with these red Gucci loafers which I’d been eyeing for months. It was just one of those buys that I never actually purchased. Right before he surprised me, I had said that we never remember our monthaversaries and we were both like “ha ha.” But hey, joke’s on me, because he did remember (I promise we don’t celebrate every month, but it’s just nice sometimes). I’ll have to do a little better next time.


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