Feminine Stripes & Vintage Denim



zara-bagHi angels,

How are you all doing? I’m simply loving the weather lately. It had finally been more summer-like here in New York, so I dived deep down in my drawer to find all my summer apparel from last year. Some pieces I even forgot I had. But I’m loving all the “new” additions to my wardrobe. It really helps to find all last year’s faves, since I’m not shopping.

This outfit I wore yesterday, when Edward and I headed to SoHo for a lunch date at BoCáPhê with Tipster Eats. More about that next week (#teaser, LOL).

I loved how effortless chic it felt, and I’m also finally at a state where I feel like I can wear cropped tops again. I’ve been very serious with my workouts and it’s paying off. That’s simply the best feeling, because it’s not like I love working out…





Well, back to the outfit…

**First of all, most of the items are old, so all links will be to similar version, but bare with me – they are some v good options!**

A feminine top (similar version here) needs a little balance, so I threw on my vintage Levi’s 501 cut-offs (bought in Beacon’s Closet on one of my many vintage shopping sprees) and some neutral sandals (old, but similar here), and accessorized it up with my most complemented bag to date from Zara (also old, but find a v similar style here), simple hoops, and Rayban sunnies (pink shade version here).

I wanna call it casual chic.

I hope you all had a lovely week!

Xx Christina

The Jeans Girl That Fell In Love With Dresses

dsc00055Dress H&M / Shoes Steve Madden / Sunglasses Céline / Bag Zara

As we speak, I’m on my way downtown to attend an event with Parlor at the James Hotel. I’m 50% excited and 50% scared AF, because I’m going by myself, and I probably don’t know anyone there. But that’s the whole purpose of it, I’m telling myself. Putting myself out there. Getting to know more people in my industry here in New York. It’s strange having worked jobs for almost three years, I got so used to having colleagues to talk to every day and to catch up with. But know, working from home, and trying out this whole new career thing, I don’t have any colleagues, and I don’t necessarily see people every day unless I go out specifically for that. I mean, I do see Edward, but he doesn’t count.

So tonight I’m throwing myself into a terrifying situation having to introduce myself to loads of new people. But let’s just hope they are all open to talk and have a good time. It’s only 1,5h anyway, so if it’s bad, it’s over pretty fast. Can you tell I’m nervous?!

But instead of all this anxiety talk, let’s move on to the outfit. I’m in a dress! That really doesn’t happen that often, yet it’s happened more the past month last the past year. I always felt kind of off wearing dresses, and I’m definitely more of a jeans-girl, but I think I finally found my style in dresses. Feminine, but simple, and with a silhouette that flatters my body.




This one didn’t even break the bank. It’s from H&M, and I actually bought it last summer. I only wore it once though, typical me. But as I spoke about; since my shopping stop, I’ve rediscovered so much of my clothes and I simply love this dress now. It’s dark, which not a lot of my clothes are, it’s feminine with peplum sleeves, and it’s flattering with the little tie-in belt in the waist. Loving it!

So this is what I’m wearing for my event tonight. An outfit you feel good in will take you a long way to put yourself out there. I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a brand new vlog!


Xx Christina

OOTD from Central Park

3e277b9b-307b-4e59-94be-9bc2819fb21bDress Neo Noir / Sneakers Superga / Hoops H&M / Bag Zara

Good morning my angels,

I hope you enjoyed my May Vlog?

We have picked up my parents from the airport, and they are now settled in our apartment for a week of fun. As we speak we’re actually on the highway to Philadelphia. I’ve never been there, so we thought we would go on a little roadtrip out of NYC (also tbh I don’t think my dad is the biggest fan of New York, haha). We are staying one night in Philadelphia and then heading to Washington DC for two nights, before we go back to the city. A quick trip with loads to explore.

Today’s post is all about a Sommer-outfit from last Friday, when I went for coffee and a walk in Central Park with Caroline. She was here for a week to visit her boyfriend, so we embraced the day for a catch-up in the lovely weather. I wore a Neo Noir wrap dress, a bucket bag from Zara, Superga sneakers, and H&M hoops. Tip on the dress: wear little shorts under, so you avoid showing your grandma undies to everyone in the subway station on your way home. They don’t need to see that. (Yes, that happened, I was mortified!) Other than that it was such a comfy, casual but feminine outfit, and I loooved wearing it. I can’t wait to wear more dresses over the Summer. I’m the kind of person who hates to wear tights, so I wait until it’s appropriate weather to wear bare legs.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the week, and hey, it’s almost humpday, and then it’s practially the weekend again 😉

Xx Christina


Transitional OOTD: Spring in New York

img_8650Blazer Zara (similar here and here)/ Jeans TopShop / Bag Zara (similar here) / Shoes & Other Stories (similar here) / Sunglasses Céline

Hi my angels,

I understand ELLE Style Award is tonight home in Denmark (as in right now)? Maybe not the best time to come out with my less glam outfit, but what the hell… I hope all my fellow Scandinavians are having a lovely time!

New York is in full bloom these days, and I’m loving the warmer weather and being able to play a little more with my outfits. Is it just me or does a coat always kind of ruin a cool outfit? I’m definitely way better at dressing myself during Spring and Autumn, because layering is key here. I love putting on a chic blazer, like I did for this transitional outfit. It was perfect to throw over a simple tee and jeans, and then I dressed it up just a bit with my & Other Stories heeled sandals (I’ve had them for years, but find similar here and here). For a fun Spring twist I added my Zara basket bag, that Aniyah says looks like a bee hive. I think that’s pretty accurate, haha.


I’m currently working on a vlog, where I show you all my outfits from the last week. And there’s been some pretty big change in weather, so stay tuned for loads of transitional outfit inspo.

Also, I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who’ve been giving me a chance as a brand-new YouTuber. I appreciate so much(!) that you tune in to watch. I’m having so much fun bringing my camera everywhere, and it’s only getting better from here.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your Thursday, and hey, the weekend is just around the corner!

Xx Christina

My Uniform This Spring

img_8347img_8357Jeans H&M / Shoe Gucci / Bag Gucci (vintage – slightly bigger, but similar here) / T-shirt Uniqlo / Cashmere Sweater Uniqlo / Earrings H&M / Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Hi my lovely people, happy Wednesday <3

It’s finally warmer in New York. More spring-like. I’ve been whining for real on social media (mainly because England and Denmark got some serious summer-like weather and I got jealous), so it’s about time. I guess all the whining helped!

This week has so far been in the name of YouTube. As you might know (or actually you might not, because I currently only have 7 subscribers. Though I love all those 7 people!), I have a YouTube channel, where I uploaded loads of Christmas vlogs, but it actually all started when we moved apartment. Edward and I moved into a bigger apartment in Manhattan, and I thought I would take you all on the journey with me. So the moving vlog is finally live. It’s only taken 6 months (eye roll). That also means that the first couple of minutes are full of clips where I’m trying to figure out how to talk to a camera. Haha! Do head on over to my YouTube channel to watch it, if you fancy a laugh + some NYC apartment inspo. I would love to know your thoughts, and if you want to see anything specific moving forward.


Today on the blog is all about the outfit that is the most me: a white tee and mom jeans. I love wearing this type of outfit, and it quickly becomes my uniform during the warmer Spring-days. I actually went to Uniqlo last weekend, just to buy some t-shirts for my upcoming uniform attire. #verysatisfied.

I’m loving wearing a thin gold nacklace over a round neck tee, as I think it creates such an effortless chic look and I would love to add some more cute necklaces for more of a layered look (inspired by my latest girl crush) – maybe this stylish one from Vera Vera or this more edgy one from KANT by Rahbek. Definitely gold, that’s for sure!

Now go on, and have a lovely day angels<3

Xx Christina

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