Happy December! 🎄

743111f3-36bd-4a1c-8a51-90867f8b7377And then it was December 1st. I’ve been looking forward to this day for about two months now (or actually more like last year), listening to Christmas music, decorating the apartment, wearing the classic red lip, and baking loads of Christmas cakes and cookies. So much fun!

Wednesday night I went to the big tree lighting at Rockefeller Center by Fifth Avenue. I was lucky to get VIP passes to the front because Edward worked the event. So there I was singing along to Hark the Herald, Noel, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and many more classics performed by among others Pentatonix, Gwen Stefani (didn’t know she was still a thing), and Leslie Odeon Jr. I was first row to the huge tree standing tall in Manhattan’s skyline, and just counted down the hours to the lighting. It was definitely freezing, but it was as magical.

Happy first December guys! May your day be merry and bright.

Fashion Eclectic

In the streets of New York

Yesterday I met up with Jenni for a midday stroll and a little time away from my desk. Mostly I don’t take my lunch break, but actually just end up eating at my desk. Very bad habit. I know. So once in a while I’ve made it my mission to rip out an hour, and go for a walk. We walked around Lower East side looking at the beautiful Holiday decorations, and exploring cute little shops. I had to stop and shoot some photos of the store fronts. I wish all of New York was filled with cute shops like that. Or at least if they were all gathered on one Avenue, so I could go there and get inspired. Mostly I don’t get my inspiration from clothes, but rather my surroundings, art works, a conversation etc. The words usually flood in my head when I go for a walk, and I find myself having to stop to take notes on my phone.

eab131cb-2648-447f-bd56-9ed64aad0f56Christmas treesimg_1227

I was wearing a pop of red to mark that December is almost here. (Can you believe how fast November went? I feel like I always say that, but really… This year is just flying by!) And thought it looked so cute with the Starbucks cup I was having my tea out of. It’s definitely a more business-y outfit, but the t-shirt and jeans dress it a bit down, and I felt quite comfortable all day.

hvisk, asos, aimee kestenberg1 ) Warehouse Blazer 2) Hvisk Gold Hoops 3) ASOS Jeans 4) Aimee Kestenberg Zenna Crossbody

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Fashion Eclectic

The beauty of New York


And then it was Thursday… I mostly feel like it’s Friday, which sucks when it’s not, but at the same time I feel like the week has gone by so fast! My colleagues were just talking about how crazy it is that Thanksgiving is next week. Why does time fly by so fast as an adult? I remember being a young girl and feeling like everything was so much more mellow, but it’s probably the amount of work and events we put into our schedule as adults. It just makes time fly by! Yesterday I had put another event in my calendar after work, but it was one of the good ones. The Winter Village at Bryant Park! On our way there Mie and I walked by Lord & Taylor to see their Holiday windows. I ‘grammed away and then we made our way up to the Winter Village. Such a cozy way to spend the evening and just let time stand still for a little (while having hot chocolate).

The photo above I had my colleague take last week, when we were out shooting for Aimee Kestenberg. It was such a Parisian-looking setting! If there’s one thing I love about New York it is discovering all the amazing architecture built many years ago, when New York was called New Amsterdam and only about 300 people lived in Manhattan. It is so major and looks like they had all the time in the world to make their city beautiful (maybe we should slow down like them…)



Coffee o’clock

img_0580What’s up guys? Are we happy it’s Wednesday? Half way through the week. Tomorrow it’s almost Friday. Tonight I’m going to the Bryant Park Winter Village that I told you about here. I’m going with my friend Mie, and I cannot wait to do a little Christmas shopping from the vendors, drink hot chocolate, and get even more festive than I am feeling right now. To be honest I don’t know how that’s possible, hah! Last night I did a huge Christmas home wear haul on Amazon, and I’m seriously counting down the days till it arrives on my doorstep.

These photos are from a lovely coffee date with same good friend as I’m going with tonight. We had decided to go for a walk in Central Park that day, but since the Winter had decided to arrive at that same day we needed a hot drink (Mie hadn’t picked up her boots from the leather spa, so she was wearing little slingback, poor woman!). There’s noting I love more than some quality girl talk over a good cup of coffee. And we did discuss everything from outfit ideas for our trip to the ballet in December and which lip color was prettier, to future baby names and family illness. Definitely one of those days that makes me so, so happy.

Birch Coffee, 88th Street and 3rd Ave



Festive things to do in NYC before Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The streets of New York are getting really festive, and my mood even more. Yesterday I was complimented on my outfit three times by colleagues pointing out how festive I looked. That can only be positive in my book. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, to visit Christmas markets and watch corny Christmas movies. To spend time with your dear ones and bake too many ginger bread cookies. To fill your house with decorations and warmth. And if you find yourself in New York during this season, here are some ideas on festive things to do.

Christmas marked

New York is booming with cozy Christmas markets, but the most epic one you’ll find in Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library; The Bryant Park Winter Village. This is the perfect place for a Christmas-lover like myself. It’s so cozy shopping at the different vendors and kiosks selling beautiful Christmas decorations, drinking hot apple cider, and smelling the delicious food. There’s also a huge, free ice-skating rink in one end (all you have to do is bring your own skates or rent a pair for $20).

Bryant Park Winter Village, 41W 40th St

Go to the theater

When I was younger my parent used to take my sisters and I to the theater in the winter season, and the tradition has stuck with me. I love a good musical, opera, or ballet, and I usually go experience the festive (and family friendly) Christmas Spectacular. This year I’ve also bought tickets for the Nutcracker ballet.


We already talked a little bit about this, but New York offer some pretty epic ice-skating rinks. The one at The Bryant Park Winter Village is beautiful in the middle of the tall buildings of Midtown, but also the one in Central Park is among my favorites. Nothing beats dancing around on the ice with the fabulous NYC-skyline as backdrop.

A walk in Central Park

And now that we’re talking about Central Park, how about a walk around the park accompanied by a hot chocolate and a good friend? I love bundling up in a warm coat, and feeling the cold, fresh air on my skin. And after the walk you can light some candles, put on a Christmas movie (Ideas: Love Actually, The Grinch, The Holiday, Home Alone, and Harry Potter), and warm up under blanket. One of my favorite winter activities!

Rolfs Bar and Restaurant

If you feel like a cocktail after work (or as a tourist after too much sightseeing and shopping) Rolfs Bar and Restaurant is the most festive place to go. They have made it their mission to transform the place into the perfect Winter Wonderland, and you’ll walk away ready for Christmas Eve.

281 3rd Ave