First Spring Day in New York

aacf4e5e-741b-4e8a-8eab-b28d1632cb0aJeans TopShop | Shoes Gucci | Bag Gucci (vintage, but similar here) | Jean Jacket Levi’s | Shirt Who What Wear x Target | Hoops H&M | Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Hi my loves!

How’s your Easter going? I hope you’re all having a lovely time no matter if you’re with your family, friends, or just hanging at home. I started my weekend Friday at 5PM, as the last one in the office, I was like “I deserve to leave now”, so I did. I started the weekend with a night of bowling, drinks, and food on a double-date with a couple of friends.

Today I snoozed until 10AM (which is really not like me, but I must have needed it…) and then I hopped on the subway to Williamsburg to try a new brunch spot, Reunion, with Caroline and her boyfriend. After brunch, I spend a few hours sourcing items in the local vintage shops for an upcoming project that I’ll tell you much more about soon. Btw if you’re in for some vintage shopping, Williamsburg is the place to be. Spots like Beacon’s Closet, Awoke Vintage, Monk Vintage and many more. Definitely go check it out!

842a5ddc-d45d-4be4-b233-ccf4238027834a249a67-95a3-4648-b5ef-ce6dd483a69b19257eb3-8c4a-4414-a26e-a0069c8f8dfeab9a891c-ae1f-4276-9778-de704d6c63b175787816-9265-4b70-b54c-be2c9ebef06bI ended up at Norman with more friends for a glass of champagne and some really good conversation. Such a lovely day in something that really felt like the first Spring day in New York. I could use more of those, hah!

Xx Christina

Colonia Verde

db345077-0ddb-4055-9222-b1b0dd66e5b56f4c0e18-fa74-4512-ab6d-e12c514aec9aJeans H&M | Shoes Superga | Jacket Zara | Shirt ASOS

Hi angels!

How are you all doing?

I’m having some really good, but busy days at work. This week, it was time for the April social media photo shoot for Aimee Kestenberg, which we shoot in Brooklyn. So much prep goes into a shoot like days, so I’m happy now I’m on the other side and everything went well! We explored some really cute areas of Fort Greene with beautiful town houses, little cafes, and of course the Botanic Garden. I always get so much new energy and inspiration, when exploring new areas. In other countries or in my own city.

So today I thought I would tip you guys about an amazing Colombian/Hispanic café near Clinton Hill. I always stress that I think everyone should discover more than mid-downtown of Manhattan, so if you guys find yourself (hungry) in Clinton Hill you should definitely pay a visit to Colonia Verde. It’s decorated in an eclectic vibe and they actually had Wegner CH24 Wishbone chairs by every table (that made my Danish heart happy). b68e0738-8dd3-4e8e-85ba-f025b37262eb fc27e170-d625-4d74-9b56-c9bf2e97f8a1

 We shared the Fish Tacos and the Chicken Qinua Bowl, and also had two cups of coffee (weird combo, I know, but we needed a serious energy boost). It was all such good quality!


Xx Christina

My week in photos

This week literally flew by. I feel like it was just Monday. Either it’s because I’m just so excited about going to San Francisco next week, or it’s because I had a lot to do. Probably both, because I had a Spring shoot, and a whole month of social media planning for both the brands I work with (as well as all these other small tasks, that I’m not going to bore you with). I also worked out with my trainer, met up with a fellow Dane, had a haircut, and worked on this little side hustle every morning before my ‘9 to 5’. Quite a productive week if I say so myself.

I thought it would be fun to go through my week in photos, so let’s get started:

hair-inspoI started out the week with a long-needed haircut at Shampoo Avenue B, and above are the inspo-photos I went in with (unfortunately didn’t take a photo of the result… What kind of blogger am I?). My colleague recommended to go there as I’ve really not found a hairdresser that I’m happy with yet. But oh my, did I walk away happy! If you live (of find yourself) in New York, I would definitely recommend you going here. My hairdresser is Joey and he’s so lovely, and so talented.

28e7cfed-c436-437f-bc59-4e4e9381f5c1Wednesday we had a street style shoot at work. It was for the Spring Collection that just came out for Aimee Kestenberg and we shot in some really cool places in Dumbo and FiDi! In the end we found this little piece-of-heaven café called Financier Patisserie. Very French and chic (although I have to say the manager was a bit of an ass).

img_5436The beautiful view over Manhattan from the waterfront in Dumbo.

 cha-cha-matchaI also finally met up with fellow Dane Caroline in person. We’ve been talking through social media for the longest, because she lived here for a bit and now travels quite a lot between Denmark and New York. She had reached out to me on Instagram, and we’ve just been waiting for a good time to grab a coffee.

She also included me in her ‘Boss Girls Around the World’ series on her blog a little while ago. Read the article here.

img_5383It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been shopping for anything else than home wear (since we’re still finishing the apartment decor), and I simply loved visiting Opening Ceremony this week. I wanted everything. Didn’t know there was a store located right by my job. Actually kind of dangerous now I think about it.

hviskI was so excited to receive these beautiful earrings from Josefine at Hvisk. I haven’t taken them off since I got them. I love a good statement earring!

4a81e4df-abbc-4fef-816f-4a60dbe868e4I did a lot of laundry to get ready for our trip to San Francisco next week. I’m so freaking excited! Might just start packing now. Fun fact: I always packed for vacations waaaay ahead of time when I was a kid. It made me feel like we were leaving sooner. I still do that, hah.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday guys! See you tomorrow.

Xx Christina

Morning coffee in Central Park


Coat Zara (similar here with 60% off) / Jeans H&M / Booties & Other Stories (old, but similar here) / Shirt Who What Wear x Target / Earrings Pilgrim Jewelry (old, but similar here)

Hey you lovely people.

How are you doing? Are you looking forward to the weekend? I can really start to see it, and tomorrow I’m leaving a bit earlier for some sort of surprise Edward has planned.

I feel like this week has been so slow. Getting to Thursday was a marathon (although it always helps when there’s a surprise date in the end). But now we’re here let’s talk good times and positivity. I sometimes really need a break from everything I’m doing, and especially because I’m in the creative field I feel the need for a change of scenery or some fresh air to be able to come back and be creative again. Here in New York can seem a little weird to go out in the hectic city buzz to get a break, but going to one of the many parks definitely does the trick. One thing I did a lot when I started working, was leaving home early to have time to enjoy my breakfast out (yes, I’m definitely a morning person, which helps me a lot). A pretty expensive habit one might say… I say an investment in my happiness. I’ll buy a coffee and some food (for the most part not a croissant, but YOLO) amd then I’ll just sit at a cozy cafe or in a park and take in my morning. I’m telling you, it’s the cure to getting rid of every little stress-symptom in your body and I just feel extra ready for the day. It’s like therapy, and if you look at it that way it’s actually quite cheap (haha). If I really need a motivation boost I’ll put a podcast in my ears, like Brand It Girl or a Ted Talk, but for the most part I’m just taking in my surroundings, writing blogposts, or brainstorming. I feel like that all comes so naturally, when you feel good.



Xx Christina

Sunday at the museum: Natural History Museum

8fc19b60-a854-4fa9-9afa-0718fa244851Hey friends!

How is your weekend going? How are you?

It’s Sunday again. You know I love my Sundays. Not particularly because it’s Sunday, but more because of what my Sunday consists of. Laundry, cleaning, relaxing. But today relaxing on the couch has been switched out with a museum stroll (which I also find quite relaxing). I guess I can also couch-potato later (yes, in my book that’s a verb).

I love going to museums and little galleries, so when our friends invited us to the Natural History Museum, we were quick to say yes (also they got free tickets for us all… a no brainer!). Tbh I’m not the biggest fan ever of Natural History, I’m more into contemporary and modern art. So I tend to go to museums like Guggenheim, MoMA, The MET, and the little galleries around Chelsea.

BUT in my mind you should always be open to new experiences, so I went in with an open mind, hah! And we did have a nice time. I even posed with a dinosaur, haha.



I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Xx Christina