Morning coffee in Central Park


Coat Zara (similar here with 60% off) / Jeans H&M / Booties & Other Stories (old, but similar here) / Shirt Who What Wear x Target / Earrings Pilgrim Jewelry (old, but similar here)

Hey you lovely people.

How are you doing? Are you looking forward to the weekend? I can really start to see it, and tomorrow I’m leaving a bit earlier for some sort of surprise Edward has planned.

I feel like this week has been so slow. Getting to Thursday was a marathon (although it always helps when there’s a surprise date in the end). But now we’re here let’s talk good times and positivity. I sometimes really need a break from everything I’m doing, and especially because I’m in the creative field I feel the need for a change of scenery or some fresh air to be able to come back and be creative again. Here in New York can seem a little weird to go out in the hectic city buzz to get a break, but going to one of the many parks definitely does the trick. One thing I did a lot when I started working, was leaving home early to have time to enjoy my breakfast out (yes, I’m definitely a morning person, which helps me a lot). A pretty expensive habit one might say… I say an investment in my happiness. I’ll buy a coffee and some food (for the most part not a croissant, but YOLO) amd then I’ll just sit at a cozy cafe or in a park and take in my morning. I’m telling you, it’s the cure to getting rid of every little stress-symptom in your body and I just feel extra ready for the day. It’s like therapy, and if you look at it that way it’s actually quite cheap (haha). If I really need a motivation boost I’ll put a podcast in my ears, like Brand It Girl or a Ted Talk, but for the most part I’m just taking in my surroundings, writing blogposts, or brainstorming. I feel like that all comes so naturally, when you feel good.



Xx Christina

Sunday at the museum: Natural History Museum

8fc19b60-a854-4fa9-9afa-0718fa244851Hey friends!

How is your weekend going? How are you?

It’s Sunday again. You know I love my Sundays. Not particularly because it’s Sunday, but more because of what my Sunday consists of. Laundry, cleaning, relaxing. But today relaxing on the couch has been switched out with a museum stroll (which I also find quite relaxing). I guess I can also couch-potato later (yes, in my book that’s a verb).

I love going to museums and little galleries, so when our friends invited us to the Natural History Museum, we were quick to say yes (also they got free tickets for us all… a no brainer!). Tbh I’m not the biggest fan ever of Natural History, I’m more into contemporary and modern art. So I tend to go to museums like Guggenheim, MoMA, The MET, and the little galleries around Chelsea.

BUT in my mind you should always be open to new experiences, so I went in with an open mind, hah! And we did have a nice time. I even posed with a dinosaur, haha.



I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Xx Christina

Happy Sunday + Giveaway winner

img_3488Outfit: Loavies boots (similar here), H&M jeans, Zara coat (similar here), Vero Moda sweater (similar here & here), Zara baker boy hat (similar here, here & here)

I’m obviously sitting here again, since it’s Sunday. I’m starting to get a good little routine going on the weekends. Friday night I cozy up in bed with Edward, eat dinner in bed on this big wood tray I bought last year, and then we put on Danish x-factor. I’m sure he’s loving that as much as me, haha! Saturday is out-and-about day. I run all my errands, see friends, have a nice lunch out, or something along those lines. Sunday is for laundry, cleaning, a good walk, and then a good cuddle on the sofa with a cup of tea and a TV-show.

So far I’m done with the cleaning & laundry, and I’m about to call Mie for our weekly phone date. I think I’ll multitask and go for a walk while we talk. I don’t know if my routines seem kind of boring, but I do really enjoy relaxing to the max during the weekend, so I can give it my fullest during the week (I try to also work on this blog/Instagram after work on the week days). Anybody else feel like this? Maybe adult life has just gotten me. Hah. I used to think it sounded so boring, but I really don’t mind a night home instead of out partying. Give me some good food, some pick and mix candy and a movie, and I’m happy.

Anyway, today is also the day to announce the giveaway winner from last week. Congratulations Kathrine! I’ve already sent an email to you, so I can get the jacket on its way to you. I want to thank everyone else for all the sweet comments. I hope I can do a giveaway soon again!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Xx Christina

Vacation in New York? Here’s all you need to know

manhattan-skylineWhen I first arrived to New York I hated it. It was too big, too noisy, too hectic. Too many people. But for some reason that also captured me. So I decided to move back for an internship, that evolved into a full-time job. Then I knew job. And so far I’m loving it. But since I still feel like I experience something new everyday (after almost 3 years in this city), I figured it might be helpful with a bts guide for all you vacationers. Little tips and tricks to a smooth vacation!

If you love ‘gramming, using Google maps etc. when vacationing  I would suggest getting a SIM-card from T-mobile. You can simply just buy one to put an amount of money on for the week (or how long you’re here) to save money on the phone bill and still enjoy internet (unless you’re from the US, hah).

Buy a weekly Metrocard and ride unlimited for a week. Unless you want to walk everywhere, which I also recommend, I think you should buy an unlimited Metrocard. Note: You can get this in the subwaystations, and I recommend paying with your credit card in case you lose the Metrocard (that way you can get your money back). Also if you decide to the Metrocard around you should download the MTA app, which will show you the whole map of the NYC subway system.

Stay away from restaurant on Times Square
You should definitely experience Times Square if you haven’t been there, BUT please don’t try to find a restaurant in that area. You will pay way too much for bad service, and mediocre food. Instead go towards 9th Avenue about the 50th street and up. This is the place for loads of little restaurants in all genres, and it’s really not far from Times Square.

Explore more
New York City is not only SoHo and Times Square. I live in Hudson Heights, and it’s the nicest area if you love to explore culture, beautiful parks, and museums. Go to Inwood to find the MET Cloisters, with the most beautiful view over Hudson River. Go to Harlem to experience next level music talents at APOLLO Theater (watch my vlog from when I went here). Go to Jersey to experience the great view over Downtown Manhattan as well as Hoboken, which is the cutest little city in Jersey. Go to Brooklyn to experience Williamsburg, Dumbo, and Bushwick.

Let me know in the comments below if you could use the tips, and if you have some to add! I would love to learn.

Xx Christina

December 18th: Quality time


As we speak I’m on my way to the radio city hall to watch the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular with my family. A very Christmasy night the New York way. Edward and I also saw it last year, but it certainly has potential to become a tradition and something to do at Christmas time every year.

Speaking of December activities, yesterday I had such a wonderful Sunday. I had invited Mie up for brunch (made sure to earn some extra points with her by making her favorite avocado toast with soft boiled eggs and a some salty and crispy bacon) and a little work afterwords. She, a finals for her almost done semester at Columbia University. Me, content for the rest of December since I’ve decided to blog every day. And vlog. I’m very excited and very busy. Hope you are too (excited that is!).

After a good amount of work we headed to Central Park as we had decided to do some ice skating! It turned out that the rest of New York City has decided to do so as well. The ice rink was so busy. So instead we decided to eat a warm pretzel and go for a walk around the park. It’s pretty magical at this time of year.

Mie is going back to Denmark soon, so it’s so important for me to spend some quality time with her before she’s gone. I can’t beli how fast time flies, when you’re with people you love.




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