Monday motivated

98a079fe-fd79-4175-8ba7-e9d11b8ecc7dfaf17779-e4b8-4747-aa15-1f2166acae7fWhat a lovely day to be alive!

It’s been raining all night, and I woke up in the early morning hours to the rain pounding on the windows. Now, before you think “That sounds so annoying”, I just want to say, that it’s the most cozy situation I can think of. Listening to the rain. I simply love it. So waking up like that basically made my morning. (Although I don’t want to seem ignorant, because there had been flooding all over New York this morning and a lot of cars stuck, but luckily no one hurt.)

Also, it’s interesting how I have totally switched from that love/hate relationship for Sundays I’ve been writing about many time in here, to literally loving Mondays. I’ve now been working for myself for about three weeks, and I simply love getting up in the morning. I wake up 6.30AM make a cup of coffee, watch morning news. Then around 7AM-ish I get my laptop to read some emails, answer messages on Instagram, or write a blogpost. I start working way earlier than before, and so I also give myself some time for a midday walk, some cooking, cleaning. And then I might work more into the everning hours again. I guess I feel more free, and it’s so rewarding. I loooove it.


Something I’ve also been loving is exploring New York more. I mean, I did move to New York to explore right? So I guess I should take advantage of the time I now have to do so. Last week I got up early, grabbed my laptop, and headed to SoHo to try out Dr. Smood on Broome Street. A vegan café serving many raw options like the raw oatmeal I had. I also got a matcha latte with cashew milk. So delicious. And as I sat there, more and more people came to have meeting or just sit there with their laptop like me.

I hope you all had a lovely start to your week!

Xx Christina

Sunday on the Upper East

37b7f562-f76c-462b-975e-e84d463ca63b 090dd264-dab9-4923-88c2-9da2d32aa1611d0ddcea-246f-49e9-bca2-d12a811346b3Hi my angels,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend? What did you do? Maybe some of you tried my suggestions for this weekend?

The weather was so schizophrenic this weekend, huh? Such warmth on Friday and Saturday. So much, that we tanned in Central Park and had the first ice cream of the year. And today it was so cold that we bundled up in coats and scarfs. My grandmother had gloves on. I didn’t put on either scarf nor gloves. It was too much to bear. One thing was the winter coat, but don’t expect me to put on scarf and gloves. I mean, it’s April 17th.

Today was in the name of art. First up: coffee and cake at Corrado Bread & Pastry, my favorite little Parisian-vibe bistro/coffee shop on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 70th Street. I always try to get a spot at the outside seating during the summer time. Then I’ll sit there with my laptop looking over the street and the people passing by. The perfect place to do all the morning emails. Then a walk in Central Park for lunch. Man, I can’t wait for summer.


Secondly, a trip to see the Frick Collection on Fifth Avenue and 70th street. I hadn’t been before, and really didn’t expect a lot. But man, that was such a special place. I loved the feel there. It’s an amazing house built in the early 1900’s. Henry Frick lived there till he passed away in 1919, and left his beautiful collection of masterpieces both paintings, sculptures, and china now for the public to experience. You can only take photos in the Garden Court, which leaves everything else a surprise for the visitors. Have any of you been? If yes, did you love it? I want to say it was my favorite in New York so far. Hand in hand with Guggenheim.

Now, I’m gonna watch the rest of American Idol. They are all so freaking talented. I wish I could sing my lungs out like that. Haha. One can dream.

Xx Christina

Happy weekend & what to do in NYC this weekend

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Good morning my angels,

How are you? Are we excited for the weekend? I’m pretty stoked for one specific reason: 26 degrees celcius today, 24 degrees celcius tomorrow. That’s practically summer. For two days at least, because the TV weather man said it will get colder tomorrow late afternoon and be really cold on Sunday. So better enjoy it, while it lasts.

Today I have to take care of some admin work, before I can go out in the ‘Summer’, and then later on I’ll be picking up my grandmothers from the bus. They’re coming back from Washington D.C. And then we’re having pizza and wine.

Saturday is all about Central Park and Sunday we’re going to a flea market in Dumbo that they read about in their tourist book (very cute).  It’s at 80 Pearl St if you’re interested in going, and it opens at 10AM.


But if you’re finding yourself not knowing what to do in NYC this weekend, here’s 4 things to put on the list:

  • Orchid evenings in the Bronx Botanic Gardens: Experience the beautiful orchids at night while sipping custom cocktails and yummy vittles. And there’s DJs and performers making sure to light up the night.
  • Comedy brunch! Sip mimosas with your gals while entertained by comedian Remy Kassimir.
  • Big Apple Comic Con: if you’re a fan of comics and anime this 30y/o convention is for you!
  • Experience ‘David Bowie Is’ at the Brooklyn Museum

Now, have a lovely weekend! I’ll see you on Sunday.

Xx Christina

Staycation in New York City

b2ca2a15-62f4-48bb-9eb0-a336fe0b6ea4Vintage Denim Jacket (similar here) – Beret Urban Outfitters

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Hi angels,

Checking in from ‘Grandmothers visiting’-week. We’ve been so busy exploring, and I’m telling you I’ve rediscovered my love for New York lately. Maybe it has a little bit to do with the fact that Spring is slowly arriving, or maybe it’s just because I’ve had more time for it.

Monday we had coffee at Tartine in Greenwich Village, which is just such a cozy place. We sat outside in the sun, and it was such a magical moment with nothing but happiness. I love the small streets of Greenwich. They’re so quiet, and it’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of New York City. We also walked the Highline, which just seems to be so popular amongst tourists. I used to work at 18th & 10th, so I would sit there during lunch in the sun and just enjoy a calm moment, but it’s seriously busy up there now. Still a wonderful walk though, so I definitely recommend it, if you find yourself close to that with 30 minutes to spare.

bf4084c5-8e78-4f1b-8bb4-da7e5d66ab7555c16606-eec6-4a17-bf34-cf8cde64d1d2 436adc98-9182-4e47-91c6-5dc287cd421f9e5a5d41-e574-4b1d-aaab-0f646073cb3d4f1118c5-ed91-4e2c-9286-cb09f38b9066 23fe513d-a944-449c-a9e4-8dd094cde13eAs we speak I’m sat at Dr. Smood on Broome St drinking a matcha latte and taking care of some emails. There’s quite a bit to catch up on now that I’ve been staycationing with my grandmothers. This morning I put them on a bus to Washington DC, and they will then return tomorrow for a weekend here in New York before they go back to Denmark. And yes, we have already made plans for our weekend. Saturday is supposed to be Summer-like, so we’re going to the flea market in Dumbo to enjoy that, and then maybe a walk in Central Park later on. Sunday is museum day at the MET. A week full of content.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. It’s almost Friday, and then the weekend will arrive shortly after. Do you have any plans? Let me know down below.

Xx Christina

A day at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

zara-jacketHi you lovely people!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Easter with your family? Or maybe Passover? Or maybe it was just a regular weekend?? My plans of leaving work earlier on Friday totally vanished and I ended up the only one left. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. I ended up having the most lovely Saturday in Williamsburg with Caroline, Elvira, and their boyfriends. I wish Edward had been there as well, but he had to work all day.

But today’s post is not really about this weekend, but about my trip to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last week. Been traveling a lot to Brooklyn lately. I always find it so interesting how an hour of travel in Denmark seems like a lot, and not something you just do for an afternoon with your friends. But here in New York, it’s the most normal thing. An hour there, an hour back. But I’ve started spending my time on the subway editing photos. reading a book, or listening to podcasts. Something that makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time.

botanic-gardenshm-jeansLast week I spent a day in Brooklyn Botanic Gardens shooting the April social media visuals for Aimee Kestenberg, and I got so inspired by all the new sights. I especially loved the Cacti garden, Palm Tree and exotic plans garden, and the Bonsai Tree garden. It almost made me feel like I was back in San Francisco. And the Cherry Blossoms were nearly blooming. I want to say a few more weeks, and those will be ready for Spring. I’m sure it will be full of Instagrammers, once they bloom.

If you’re visiting (or just live here) I would definintely recommend a visit here. It’s such a lovely walk around the garden, and feels like an oasis away from all the noise. After exploring the Botanic Gardens, you might as well head on to Fort Greene and have lunch at Colonia Verde, that we also visited after the photoshoot. They have really yummy Columbian food. And then a walk around the neighborhood and tadaaaaa: recipe to a great day!

palm-tree-gardenbrookyl-botanic-gardens-architecturesuperga-shoesbrooklyn-botanic-gardensLMK down below if you’ve been to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens or Fort Greene, or if you’re wanting to go.

Xx Christina

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