Top 5 Happenings of 2017

Last year I said “2016 has in many ways been an eventful year.” But damn, has 2017 been even more eventful. I think that’s how it goes. New, bigger things happen every year. I went through my wishes for 2017 to see if I actually accomplished some of them, and I’m proud to say I checked off all except one (play an instrument). Now 2018 is literally around the corner, so let’s go through this years Top 5 Happenings

5. I practiced being grateful and actually found a great difference in my mood, my expectations to other people, and to my life in general. It’s a real eye-opener. One thing I’ve been using to help is the 5 Minute Journal, which I write in first thing when I get up and last thing before I go to bed. I highly recommend it.

4. I started vlogging in December. But better late than never. Check out my YouTube channel right here and let me know if you wish for any specific videos. I have so much fun making them, so I hope that comes through! <3

3. I finally said stop at Nadine Johnson & Associates, took a month off for myself and some quality time with my family, and started a new job at Affordable Luxury Group September 1st. It’s the best change this year along with no. 1.

2. I read many great books among others this list of great biographies. I listened to many audio books, and right now Steve Jobs biography is playing. Today I’m actually heading to Barnes & Nobles to buy the first book in the Harry Potter saga (no, I have not read them yet, don’t judge me).

1. We moved to Manhattan into the most beautiful pre-war apartment in Washington Heights. I’m so, so happy. This was a change we both needed, as we now have another bedroom, a kitchen you can actually cook in, and are a part of a lovely neighborhood. All my wishes came true.

Stay tuned for my 2018 New Year resolutions coming up tomorrow!

December 16th: My favorite Christmas movies

One of my favorite activities that will guaranteed get me into the Christmasy mood is putting on a Christmas movie. So today I thought I would gather a little list for you guys! Maybe there are some movies on the list you haven’t watched yet, if not maybe you’ll want to watch them again (I re-watch movies all the time, which Edward never seams to understand). Do let me know in the comments down below, if your favorite movie is not on the list. I would love to watch new Christmas movies!


Harry Potter

All of them. But mostly the first ones. I love the magic of Harry Potter and how it takes you to a whole other world (I have a little dream of visiting the Harry Potter museum in England and also going to Ballard!). I’ve had the movies on repeat on cozy Saturday and Sunday mornings while eating breakfast in bed. It is one of my favorite December activities.


Love Actually

This one is actually playing in the background as we speak! Such a Christmasy comedy that delves into different aspects of love seen through different peoples lives. They all end up having some sort of connection in the end of the movie. This one is definitely a favorite, taking place in one of my favorite cities in the world; London. I can’t even choose my favorite scene, but if I had to… no, I can’t.


The Holiday

Another Christmasy comedy! This one is about the characters Amanda and Iris, two lovelorn women from California and London, who temporarily exchange homes to escape heartbreak during the holiday season. Full of love, coziness, and laughter. I love this movie so much, that I actually posted a photo of Iris’ house on Instagram the other day dreaming of spending Christmas there.

Jim Carrey as Ebeneezer Scrooge outside his counting house on Cornhill, London

A Christmas Carol

This one I was introduced to this year actually. I was watching Freeform (a channel that shows 25 days of Christmas movies non-stop) and there it was. It’s such a lovely story taking part somewhere in Britain. I love that it’s animated, and then all the magical music appearing throughout the movie!



A silly Christmas comedy starring Will Farrell as one of Santa’s Elfs. He learns that he’s actually a human and goes to New York City to meet his biological father. The movie is filled with cute and funny moments, and lots of Christmas cheer. A movie for the whole family!


December 15th: Friday Favorites


I’m loving this month! And because I’m in such a festive mood, I have so many favorites to share with you! Hopefully they’ll all bring you as much joy as they bring me. Some are Christmas-y, some are just everyday stuff. Let’s go:

1. I’m loving Vlogmas. I grew up watching the Christmas calendar on TV in Denmark, and it’s just a tradition I love. An episode every single day, and thanks to the many talented YouTuber I now watch vlogmas and get that same lovely, festive feeling. My favorites are Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr, Naomi Smart, and Lydia Elise Millen.

2. Snow! It’s acutally snowing this December. I feel like it happens so rare, that we should really appreciate the white Christmases we get. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

3. English Breakfast Tea. I know this is a very normal thing and probably a part of many people’s morning routine. But for the longest, I’ve been drinking black coffee in the morning. One cup. Every single morning. And for some reason I started switching that up a little bit. Now I’m loving my English Breakfast Tea with a dash of soy milk.

4. All the beautiful decorations in Manhattan. I showed you some of the good ones in this vlog, and also post a lot on my Instagram.


December 12th: Tech Tuesday

Photo from Pinterest

Today’s tech corner is all about Podcasts I’m loving! They make my commute to work every day a little more entertaining, I learn a lot from them, and they make me relax like only a book otherwise would do.

Girlboss Radio
Founder of Nasty Gal and author of #girlboss, Sophia Amosuro, invites world-class girlbosses who’s made their mark in the creative business industry into to this podcast. They discuss everything business. All the ups and downs, what it’s like to be a female boss etc. An inspiring and encouraging series of interviews!

My dad wrote a porno
In the mood for a good laugh? Well this podcast is perfect for you. When Jamie finds out that his dad wrote a dirty book he decides to read it out loud accompanied by some of his friends. It’s a little too much, but oh so funny!

What really happened
I started listening to this, because I wanted to hear the episode about Princess Diana, and instantly found myself captivated in this investigative world told by documentarian Andrew Jenks. I always love a good investigative podcast and all the twist and turns that comes with it, and this one is so well made!

And then two Danish podcasts for my Danish peeps!

Når Fars Pige Er Til Piger
Jeg kan huske, at jeg læste Katrines blog (dengang hun havde sådan en). Jeg elskede at læse med. Jeg kan huske, at hun sprang ud som lesbisk. Jeg kan huske, at hun læste til Journalist. Og så kan jeg huske, at hun lukkede bloggen efter nogle år. Det var jeg ret ærgerlig over! Men så opdagede jeg, at hun sørme har udgivet en podcast. Sådan i helt råt ”nede på jorden”- format, som jeg bare synes er helt vildt cool. Det er en ret gribende historie, hun fortæller, og jeg vil egentlig ikke sige mere end hør den!

Høje Hæle og Store Beslutninger
Den her podcast tippede Cathrine om for lidt tid siden. Jeg har siden hørt de ugentlige episoder med stor underholdning. Kort fortalt handler Høje Hæle og Store Beslutninger om Sophie Bech, som går efter en toppost i det private erhvervsliv. Hun taler med mange kloge kvinder om processen om at komme til toppen, og man følger hendes udvikling hertil. En total powerwomanagtig serie med super mange gode pointer at skrive bag øret, hvis du også går rundt med en lille chef-drøm gemt indeni.

Tech Tuesday

Photo from Pinterest

It’s Tuesday again and it’s time for my new segment: Tech Tuesday. I’m telling you about apps and other tech stuff I’m loving brought to you, every Tuesday. I always love getting inspired by other people and which apps they use. Photo editing apps, fun video apps, apps to keep my life organized, so I would of course love to tip you guys about them too! Check out last week’s favorites right here!

  1. Evernote – I’m definitely a to-do list kinda person. That’s how I organize myself, and if I don’t do it… I forget everything. This app lets you gather all your notes and little scribbles in one place. This one definitely makes my more effective!
  2. Snapseed – As I work with social media I’m constantly looking for good editing apps etc, and since VSCO updated and you know have to subscribe I started looking out for other good alternatives. And I found this perfect one!
  3. Podcasts – I know this one comes with the phone (at least the iPhone), but I really use this on a daily basis. I shared my favorite podcasts right here & here!
  4. – I love making little bitly links to put in my Instagram bio, so you guys can click directly to the newest blogpost, but that has been such a pain until I discovered the app, so now I don’t have to go on the computer anymore. Yay!
  5. YouTube Studio – Do any of you have a YouTube channel? If yes, please link it down below, so I can go watch your videos, but also if yes, this is an app I recently discovered. It allows you to check analytics, comments, and view count on the go!