Getting ready for christmas

img_0824It’s happening! I officially started decorating the house for Christmas. I wasn’t quite sure if it was okay to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, and since we’re having guests over at our house this year I had a little sit down with Edward’s mom to figure out this big question of mine. And I got my answer. The one I was hoping! So today I hung up the Christmas wreath on our front door. That’ll bring our neighbors joy too, I put up all the Christmas candles I’ve been collecting (I bought the nicest Nest candle at a sample sale last week, and I must admit I also went a little crazy in Target’s Christmas section.. Wups!), and then I set up the mini Christmas tree in the hallway. I also brought our the Christmas box (which was buried deep down in the closet), but it mostly has ornaments for the tree, so I might have to go shopping a little bit (too bad!! hehe). I definitely wouldn’t mind adding the below to my collection:


1)  Tablecloth 2) Ruffle-trimmed apron 3) Metal measuring set 4) Holiday mugs 5) Christmas heart 6) Light house 7) Christmas tree top star 8) cushion cover 9) Oven mitt





I?ve spent all weekend getting ready for December decorating the house, treating myself a festive manicure, and watching non-stop Christmas movies on Lifetime. Sunday I went shopping for a few festive bits to complete the decorations, and fell in love with this Christmas-y teaware from Grace’s Teaware. I seriously debated whether or not to buy them (after all I’ll probably only use them in December), but my “hygge”-gene won in this case, and therefore you can find me drinking my morning coffee/evening tea from these cuties.

Anybody want to come over for coffee/tea/hot cocoa/you name it?