I always love getting inspired by other people’s beauty routines and which products they swear by. I’ve definitely expanded my horizon the last year or so (and since having access to Sephora!!), so I figured I would share my favorite products. Some I’ve used for years, some I just discovered recently!

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex / Helena Rubenstein Deodorant / Aësop Hand Creme / Aësop Face Mask / The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter / Maroccan Oil Hair & Body oil / Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume / Clinique Mascara / Decubal Basic Lip Balm / Pai Eye Cream / Revlon Lip Stain




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I have always been a big fan of hanging out with myself. Some people unwind in social situations, I unwind in my own company. Not that a coffee/glass of wine or a long walk with a good friend doesn’t make me feel good, but I just need that time to myself. To be inside my head. To watch YouTube or a good TV-show. To do that face mask, get a mani/pedi, or something third. What I’ve been doing lately is devoting a few hours every weekend to a warm bath accompanied by a good book or YouTube, lit candles, and some calming essential oils and magnesium flakes.

Before I moved in with my boyfriend, I’ve actually never had a bathtub, so obviously I hadn’t tried LUSH’s awesome products either. But they’ve quickly become a favorite of mine when the clock strikes ‘ego-time’. In this bath I used the Golden Wonder  bath bomb mixed with the Sparkling Red Slipper bubble bar. I just did a new haul yesterday (which shows on the photo below), so I’m super excited to try them!



Happy Sunday guys, let me know how your ultimate relaxing looks like.