Vacation in New York? Here's all you need to know vol. II

NYC Guide: Coffee in the Flower Shop


I have now lived in New York for almost 3 years. I’m aware that I haven’t seen it all yet, but sometimes it can really feel like it. I take the same subway, walk the same way, shop at the same supermarket. But I’ve noticed a change of scenery is so important, so I’ve put on my exploring glasses and here’s a new coffee shop I discovered! Let’s go inside:


555 Columbus Ave

I’m a plant lady. I love flowers, plants, everything green that can decorate my apartment. So when I discovered this coffee shop inside a plant store, I had to give it a go. And I’ve pretty much made it my go-to spot since then.


The Plantshed café gets their beans from Toby’s Estate (really good coffee – take it from a coffee lover) and the baristas here really know how to make a good cup of coffee. I usually drink Americano (espresso with hot water), but the cappuccino with soy was also really good! And after your coffee-fix you can go straight through to the flower shop to look at all sorts of beautiful flowers and plants. I might have to buy myself a cactus pretty soon…

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Let me know if you visit! I would love to know what you think.

Xx Christina

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Vacation in New York? Here's all you need to know vol. II