The Jeans Girl That Fell In Love With Dresses

Vlog: Central Park Walk, Photoshoot & Get Unready with Me

Hi lovelies,

I’m on a roll with these weekly vlogs! Almost to the point that I need to call them something else than weekly number, because this week I might shoot two. I hope you’ll enjoy this one where I discovered some new places on the Upper West Side and Harlem, spent my morning in Central Park, and did a little Get Unready With Me.

Also, please let me know if you’re interested in a ‘Moving to NYC’ Q&A video. I’ve had a few questions on YouTube and Instagram on how I moved here, and how I found a job etc. I would love to answer all these for you guys, so do let me know down below.

Xx Christina

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The Jeans Girl That Fell In Love With Dresses