Shopping stop: Here's what I learned

Roadtrip from New York to Washington DC

Good morning my angels,

Today ‘s video is the first of my new ‘New York Guide’ series over on YouTube. I’ll be making way more about where to go in NYC, where you can go for a getaway, and much much. In this video I go on a little roadtrip with my parents, who visited last week. We drove to Philadelphia first, then DC for two nights, before we headed back to New York making a pit stop in the cutest little city called Havre de Grace.

Last time I was in Washington DC was over a year ago, and I remember how cold it was. This time it was proper Spring and we strolled around in shorts and t-shirt, enjoying the garden at our Inn, and getting a little tan. So lovely!

I hope you love it!

Xx Christina

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Shopping stop: Here's what I learned