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Shopping stop: Here’s what I learned

img_8887Good morning my angels,

And then she was MIA for a week. Well, reason being that my parents visited and we went on a roadtrip (which I vlogged), and then because I’ve been working really hard on a project, which I’ll tell you more about later on. When it’s ready. But how are you all doing? What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ve been doing an experiment the last months time. It all came out of losing my job in the beginning of April, and naturally having to think about how I spend my money. I made the decision to start my own business, and it’s a very exciting time, but will obviously be hard work. So while I have no income I thought quitting shopping would be both a good idea and a fun experiment.


I can’t spend any money on clothing, accessories, or shoes. If I want to buy an item, I have to sell one from my wardrobe first and then I’m allowed to spend that exact amount (or less, win) on new clothes.


Throughout April and May I have not bought one piece of clothing (Edward has bought me two t-shirts, but I don’t consider that my shopping). I have rediscovered old t-shirts, pants, and used clothing in new ways. So far: mission accomplished.



First of all not buying new clothes has made me open up my eyes for my existing wardrobe, and how much of my clothes still is on trend and exiting to wear. I think the timing of my shopping stop was perfect with season changing and warmer weather arriving. That’s exciting every year, isn’t it? I’ve rediscovered wardrobe pieces from last year, like my wide leg cropped pants, dresses, cropped tops, and sandals. And on top of that I find myself fitting into jeans and a dress I didn’t fit just a few months ago. That helps too. One dress I wore here and that might even be my Spring and Summer go-to.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how simple my style really is. A white t-shirt and jeans is my “uniform,” my jewelry never really change, and I love wearing my white sneakers or some slip-ons.

I have sorted out all the pieces I don’t get any wear out of and put them for sale leaving more room to see what’s actually in my drawers and on the hangers. Minimalism is key (although I could probably get rid of way more clothes than I have).


I would really love some new mom jeans as I have lost weight and my current ones are looking sloppy, and I would love to find a pair of sandals in tanned leather for the warm weather. A month ago that list was so long (I have it on my phone, and it both includes jewelry, glittery heels, a red jacket, and loafers), but I have realized how much I can do with the clothes I already have.

I feel more inspired than ever to be way more simple with my wardrobe and buy less trend-based items, but more classic items I will want to use for years. Have any of you tried a shopping stop? Let me know what you learned!

Xx Christina

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