New York Apartment Update: Moving Vlog

My Uniform This Spring

img_8347img_8357Jeans H&M / Shoe Gucci / Bag Gucci (vintage – slightly bigger, but similar here) / T-shirt Uniqlo / Cashmere Sweater Uniqlo / Earrings H&M / Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Hi my lovely people, happy Wednesday <3

It’s finally warmer in New York. More spring-like. I’ve been whining for real on social media (mainly because England and Denmark got some serious summer-like weather and I got jealous), so it’s about time. I guess all the whining helped!

This week has so far been in the name of YouTube. As you might know (or actually you might not, because I currently only have 7 subscribers. Though I love all those 7 people!), I have a YouTube channel, where I uploaded loads of Christmas vlogs, but it actually all started when we moved apartment. Edward and I moved into a bigger apartment in Manhattan, and I thought I would take you all on the journey with me. So the moving vlog is finally live. It’s only taken 6 months (eye roll). That also means that the first couple of minutes are full of clips where I’m trying to figure out how to talk to a camera. Haha! Do head on over to my YouTube channel to watch it, if you fancy a laugh + some NYC apartment inspo. I would love to know your thoughts, and if you want to see anything specific moving forward.


Today on the blog is all about the outfit that is the most me: a white tee and mom jeans. I love wearing this type of outfit, and it quickly becomes my uniform during the warmer Spring-days. I actually went to Uniqlo last weekend, just to buy some t-shirts for my upcoming uniform attire. #verysatisfied.

I’m loving wearing a thin gold nacklace over a round neck tee, as I think it creates such an effortless chic look and I would love to add some more cute necklaces for more of a layered look (inspired by my latest girl crush) – maybe this stylish one from Vera Vera or this more edgy one from KANT by Rahbek. Definitely gold, that’s for sure!

Now go on, and have a lovely day angels<3

Xx Christina

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New York Apartment Update: Moving Vlog