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Having a few off days

facetune_17-04-2018-15-03-45img_8028img_8097img_8125Jeans H&M / Shoes Nike (similar here) / Jacket Vintage (similar here) / Bag Vintage Gucci (similar here) / Glasses Warby Parker / Socks ASOS

I legit thought I suffered from fatigue this morning when I woke up. Or didn’t wake up. Edward & Aniyah left for job and school at 6.45AM. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I tried turning on the TV at 7am. Fell asleep. Then I dreamed I couldn’t open my eyes because I kept falling asleep. I was in a vintage store (in the dream). A huge store. They still had an enormous Christmas Tree in one room (because it wasn’t dry enough for anyone to want to throw it out – I would love to know what kind of magical Christmas tree isn’r dry by April…), and when I asked if I could see some of the cheaper pieces (God knows why I would ask that? I guess I can’t afford that vintage Chanel bag yet…), they started opening presents from under the tree with items that 1. apparently hadn’t gone out for Christmas, 2. was cheap. (If anyone knows the meaning of this please let me know, because it’s not quite clear to me tbh).

While this all took place I fought not to fall asleep. It was a little easier when I took my glasses off (again, I have no idea why). I woke up in real life at 8AM and felt somewhat uncomfortable/weird, but pretty quickly jumped out of bed. No more of that dream for me! Although the vintage store was pretty cool.


After a morning workout (to shake the fatigue away) I’m now sat on my couch writing you this. It’s been a weird few days since I put my grandmothers on the plane back to Denmark. I had a crazy amount of separation anxiety, cried my eyeballs out. Tried picking myself up by going down to the lower east to hang out with Emma before she went back to Denmark again last night. Had comfort food aka Shake Shack. With a strawberry milkshake of course (nothing less). Edward had bought me a doughnut, which I had with my sleep tea at night (call me a grandma, but I drink sleep tea before bed and turn on my diffuser with relaxing aroma therapy). Maybe all the unhealthy food slowly killed me resulting in this weird morning… I have no idea.

If any of you have a dream dictionary, please let me know down below what my weird dream will mean for my future! Haha!

Have a wonderful Wednesday my angels <3

Xx Christina

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