Happy weekend & what to do in NYC this weekend

Sunday on the Upper East

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend? What did you do? Maybe some of you tried my suggestions for this weekend?

The weather was so schizophrenic this weekend, huh? Such warmth on Friday and Saturday. So much, that we tanned in Central Park and had the first ice cream of the year. And today it was so cold that we bundled up in coats and scarfs. My grandmother had gloves on. I didn’t put on either scarf nor gloves. It was too much to bear. One thing was the winter coat, but don’t expect me to put on scarf and gloves. I mean, it’s April 17th.

Today was in the name of art. First up: coffee and cake at Corrado Bread & Pastry, my favorite little Parisian-vibe bistro/coffee shop on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 70th Street. I always try to get a spot at the outside seating during the summer time. Then I’ll sit there with my laptop looking over the street and the people passing by. The perfect place to do all the morning emails. Then a walk in Central Park for lunch. Man, I can’t wait for summer.


Secondly, a trip to see the Frick Collection on Fifth Avenue and 70th street. I hadn’t been before, and really didn’t expect a lot. But man, that was such a special place. I loved the feel there. It’s an amazing house built in the early 1900’s. Henry Frick lived there till he passed away in 1919, and left his beautiful collection of masterpieces both paintings, sculptures, and china now for the public to experience. You can only take photos in the Garden Court, which leaves everything else a surprise for the visitors. Have any of you been? If yes, did you love it? I want to say it was my favorite in New York so far. Hand in hand with Guggenheim.

Now, I’m gonna watch the rest of American Idol. They are all so freaking talented. I wish I could sing my lungs out like that. Haha. One can dream.

Xx Christina

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Happy weekend & what to do in NYC this weekend