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98a079fe-fd79-4175-8ba7-e9d11b8ecc7dfaf17779-e4b8-4747-aa15-1f2166acae7fWhat a lovely day to be alive!

It’s been raining all night, and I woke up in the early morning hours to the rain pounding on the windows. Now, before you think “That sounds so annoying”, I just want to say, that it’s the most cozy situation I can think of. Listening to the rain. I simply love it. So waking up like that basically made my morning. (Although I don’t want to seem ignorant, because there had been flooding all over New York this morning and a lot of cars stuck, but luckily no one hurt.)

Also, it’s interesting how I have totally switched from that love/hate relationship for Sundays I’ve been writing about many time in here, to literally loving Mondays. I’ve now been working for myself for about three weeks, and I simply love getting up in the morning. I wake up 6.30AM make a cup of coffee, watch morning news. Then around 7AM-ish I get my laptop to read some emails, answer messages on Instagram, or write a blogpost. I start working way earlier than before, and so I also give myself some time for a midday walk, some cooking, cleaning. And then I might work more into the everning hours again. I guess I feel more free, and it’s so rewarding. I loooove it.


Something I’ve also been loving is exploring New York more. I mean, I did move to New York to explore right? So I guess I should take advantage of the time I now have to do so. Last week I got up early, grabbed my laptop, and headed to SoHo to try out Dr. Smood on Broome Street. A vegan café serving many raw options like the raw oatmeal I had. I also got a matcha latte with cashew milk. So delicious. And as I sat there, more and more people came to have meeting or just sit there with their laptop like me.

I hope you all had a lovely start to your week!

Xx Christina

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