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Real talk: How to be more effective in your everyday life

arnel-hasanovic-375269-unsplashI recently read an article on Signal vs. Noise, called ‘Let’s bury the hustle.’ I got very inspired, as it talked about how we obtain that extra amount of succes that we’re all so busy looking for. That it’s not on the 14th hour of work, when we’re falling asleep at our desk, that it will suddenly come to us. It’s when we live a happy life, get enough sleep, exercise etc.

So since now I work from home and have my own routine (which isn’t always that inspiring), I thought we could talk a little bit about how to be more effective in you everyday life. Something we can all get better and better at. When you work in an office you obviously have specific times set for when to be there in the morning (mostly 9PM here in America) and when you can leave again (often between 5-7PM in America). But how are you the most effective during these hours? I have had many colleagues, who like to talk more than they work, or like to work slower than I would like. Also it’s very important to look busy over here although you might not be. Something I don’t give much for, so let’s get to it:

Get a good night’s sleep.
I have always been a morning person, so it has never been a problem for me to go to bed at night. That means I’m always in bed by 10PM and getting my 8 valuable hours.

Get out of bed.
If you work from home or are going to an office, the coffee shop or where ever you work from it’s so important to have a good morning routine. Get up a little bit before, 15 minutes can give a lot. I always turn the news on, make a cuppa coffee. Then I usually hit the gym, come home and get dressed to be ready in front of my computer pretty early. I’m very productive in the morning hours (probably because I’m a morning person), so I try to get going as fast as possible.

Take breaks.
No one can stay concentrated in front of their computer for 9 straight hours, so take a break here and their. Get some fresh air, jump ten times, get the blood circulating. I try to go for a 30-40 minute walk during lunch, just because that fresh air brings so much inspiration and many new ideas, and gets the energy level up again.

Get a good workout in a couple of times a week. Not only will it make you feel good, I both got more energy and naturally want to eat healthier when I work out often. I try to go everyday right now, just because bikini-season is coming, but otherwise 2-3 times a week is a good amount.

It’s not cool to be busy.
I always write a good to-do list with 5-10 thing I know, I can handle during the day, and then I write one for the things you didn’t get to yet. This way I can finish a list, but still keep organized about upcoming projects or things to tackle in a couple of days etc. It’s really not cool to just be busy because you’re not organized, so get to it and check off those things. This way you can take some time at night to relax, pamper, watch your fave TV-show or whatever you want.

I hope this inspired or helped you if you feel like you could be more effective, I definitely feel like these steps help me a lot. Let me know down below how you stay effective in your everyday life!

Xx Christina

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