First Spring Day in New York

A day at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

zara-jacketHi you lovely people!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Easter with your family? Or maybe Passover? Or maybe it was just a regular weekend?? My plans of leaving work earlier on Friday totally vanished and I ended up the only one left. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. I ended up having the most lovely Saturday in Williamsburg with Caroline, Elvira, and their boyfriends. I wish Edward had been there as well, but he had to work all day.

But today’s post is not really about this weekend, but about my trip to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last week. Been traveling a lot to Brooklyn lately. I always find it so interesting how an hour of travel in Denmark seems like a lot, and not something you just do for an afternoon with your friends. But here in New York, it’s the most normal thing. An hour there, an hour back. But I’ve started spending my time on the subway editing photos. reading a book, or listening to podcasts. Something that makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time.

botanic-gardenshm-jeansLast week I spent a day in Brooklyn Botanic Gardens shooting the April social media visuals for Aimee Kestenberg, and I got so inspired by all the new sights. I especially loved the Cacti garden, Palm Tree and exotic plans garden, and the Bonsai Tree garden. It almost made me feel like I was back in San Francisco. And the Cherry Blossoms were nearly blooming. I want to say a few more weeks, and those will be ready for Spring. I’m sure it will be full of Instagrammers, once they bloom.

If you’re visiting (or just live here) I would definintely recommend a visit here. It’s such a lovely walk around the garden, and feels like an oasis away from all the noise. After exploring the Botanic Gardens, you might as well head on to Fort Greene and have lunch at Colonia Verde, that we also visited after the photoshoot. They have really yummy Columbian food. And then a walk around the neighborhood and tadaaaaa: recipe to a great day!

palm-tree-gardenbrookyl-botanic-gardens-architecturesuperga-shoesbrooklyn-botanic-gardensLMK down below if you’ve been to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens or Fort Greene, or if you’re wanting to go.

Xx Christina

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First Spring Day in New York