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facetune_29-03-2018-20-29-18 facetune_29-03-2018-20-30-05Jeans H&M | Shoes Superga* | Fanny Pack Urban Outfitters | Shirt H&M | Sunnies Urban Outfitters | Hoops ASOS

Happy Friday guys!

I hope you all are having a lovely Easter, Passover, or maybe it’s just a normal Friday for you. For me it’s quite a normal Friday. At least because I’m in the office. I lot of companies actually doesn’t give Easter off, which I’m obviously sad about because we have some really great traditions in my family (I’m sure they are in full swing in the kitchen back home. My parents have always made the most delicious Easter Lunch, and we’ll all gather for some lovely hours around the table and a long walk after all the food. I miss my family so much during times like this!).


So to make this day just a little special here on the blog, I bring to you a brand-spanking-new outfit. I’m loving the 90’s vibe in the fashion scene right now, and although I hate copies (I looks a lot like the ones from Gucci), I had to pick up this fanny pack that I found in Urban Outfitters. I think the velvet is sooooo cool, and the round shape gives it kind of an updated feel. The sunnies are also from Urban Outfitters; I’m telling you, I could’ve bought the whole store. I thought the accessories should be the ones shining in this outfit, so I put on a very simple, yet very 90’s-vibe ‘jeans and tee’-look and my beloved white Supergas. Are you guys liking the Fanny Pack trend? Or is is too granny for you?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I would love to know what you’re doing; leave a comment down below. I am meeting Caroline tomorrow for a day of fun, but I actually have no idea what we’re doing. Since she’s just visiting I let her pick, so I guess it’ll be a surprise… I might want to go try this delicious-looking ice cream. And I mean, at least that’s on theme for Easter.

Xx Christina

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