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My week in photos

This week literally flew by. I feel like it was just Monday. Either it’s because I’m just so excited about going to San Francisco next week, or it’s because I had a lot to do. Probably both, because I had a Spring shoot, and a whole month of social media planning for both the brands I work with (as well as all these other small tasks, that I’m not going to bore you with). I also worked out with my trainer, met up with a fellow Dane, had a haircut, and worked on this little side hustle every morning before my ‘9 to 5’. Quite a productive week if I say so myself.

I thought it would be fun to go through my week in photos, so let’s get started:

hair-inspoI started out the week with a long-needed haircut at Shampoo Avenue B, and above are the inspo-photos I went in with (unfortunately didn’t take a photo of the result… What kind of blogger am I?). My colleague recommended to go there as I’ve really not found a hairdresser that I’m happy with yet. But oh my, did I walk away happy! If you live (of find yourself) in New York, I would definitely recommend you going here. My hairdresser is Joey and he’s so lovely, and so talented.

28e7cfed-c436-437f-bc59-4e4e9381f5c1Wednesday we had a street style shoot at work. It was for the Spring Collection that just came out for Aimee Kestenberg and we shot in some really cool places in Dumbo and FiDi! In the end we found this little piece-of-heaven café called Financier Patisserie. Very French and chic (although I have to say the manager was a bit of an ass).

img_5436The beautiful view over Manhattan from the waterfront in Dumbo.

 cha-cha-matchaI also finally met up with fellow Dane Caroline in person. We’ve been talking through social media for the longest, because she lived here for a bit and now travels quite a lot between Denmark and New York. She had reached out to me on Instagram, and we’ve just been waiting for a good time to grab a coffee.

She also included me in her ‘Boss Girls Around the World’ series on her blog a little while ago. Read the article here.

img_5383It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been shopping for anything else than home wear (since we’re still finishing the apartment decor), and I simply loved visiting Opening Ceremony this week. I wanted everything. Didn’t know there was a store located right by my job. Actually kind of dangerous now I think about it.

hviskI was so excited to receive these beautiful earrings from Josefine at Hvisk. I haven’t taken them off since I got them. I love a good statement earring!

4a81e4df-abbc-4fef-816f-4a60dbe868e4I did a lot of laundry to get ready for our trip to San Francisco next week. I’m so freaking excited! Might just start packing now. Fun fact: I always packed for vacations waaaay ahead of time when I was a kid. It made me feel like we were leaving sooner. I still do that, hah.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday guys! See you tomorrow.

Xx Christina


  • Yay, happy to be the fellow Dane in this crazy city. Cheers (in matcha lattes) to a new friendship <3

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