On Wednesday we wear Pink

Ready for the weekend


Hey angels,

Happy Friday! Almost the weekend, huh. I think this week went by to fast. I’ve been getting up earlier to get more out of my morning, had lots of things to do at work (a Spring shoot, loads of social media planning, and getting our website up to date etc.), and been working out with my PA two nights. And there we were, almost the weekend! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Partying? Or taking it to the max relax? Maybe going to an exhibition? My friend just tagged me in an Instagram post from the Whitney Museum, and apparently Grant Wood is showing from today. Just a little service info for the people who might be interested in that…


I don’t have any crazy plans other than working out tomorrow morning, doing some work, and tidying up/cleaning the apartment. I guess that’s enough plans now I think about it, haha. But I am going to wear my new statement earrings (launching on Hvisk.com next week) no matter what I end up doing. Even just for doing laundry. Gotta do it in style. Actually, I might just sit and sip my coffee in my sunny bedroom corner for the whole weekend. Come Monday I’m sure i’ll be very zen.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’ll see you on Sunday.

 Xx Christina

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On Wednesday we wear Pink