Happy weekend, ready for shopping!

Sunday Ego-Sesh

sunday-bathHey babes,

Happy Sunday! <3

Here we are again. Not my favorite day of the week, yet one of the days I love the most. We have a love-hate-relationship. So far I’ve done all the laundry, the last bit is in the dryer, and here halfway through the apartment-cleaning, with a coffee in hand and Mads & Monopolet in my ears (my favorite Danish radio show), I just thought I would check in with you guys. To see how you’re all doing?


 Another thing I did today was taking a looooong morning bath. Something I always do, when I need the ultimate relaxation. I love using LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars (I love them so much, that I gifted them to three different people during December). Seriously, what’s better than a purple, sparkly bath with loads of bubbles? Nothing, I would say. I does sound like pure heaven. It is pure heaven. When I was a kid only my grandparents had a bathtub, and I used to sit there for hours with my grandmother checkin in here and there. Good memories. Now my baths consists of coffee/tea (or wine of it’s been a long day), a good book or youtube videos on my computer, lit candles, and some aroma oils. Pure heaven, I’m telling you.

Xx Christina

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Happy weekend, ready for shopping!