Easy work wear: dress shirts

Morning coffee in Central Park


Coat Zara (similar here with 60% off) / Jeans H&M / Booties & Other Stories (old, but similar here) / Shirt Who What Wear x Target / Earrings Pilgrim Jewelry (old, but similar here)

Hey you lovely people.

How are you doing? Are you looking forward to the weekend? I can really start to see it, and tomorrow I’m leaving a bit earlier for some sort of surprise Edward has planned.

I feel like this week has been so slow. Getting to Thursday was a marathon (although it always helps when there’s a surprise date in the end). But now we’re here let’s talk good times and positivity. I sometimes really need a break from everything I’m doing, and especially because I’m in the creative field I feel the need for a change of scenery or some fresh air to be able to come back and be creative again. Here in New York can seem a little weird to go out in the hectic city buzz to get a break, but going to one of the many parks definitely does the trick. One thing I did a lot when I started working, was leaving home early to have time to enjoy my breakfast out (yes, I’m definitely a morning person, which helps me a lot). A pretty expensive habit one might say… I say an investment in my happiness. I’ll buy a coffee and some food (for the most part not a croissant, but YOLO) amd then I’ll just sit at a cozy cafe or in a park and take in my morning. I’m telling you, it’s the cure to getting rid of every little stress-symptom in your body and I just feel extra ready for the day. It’s like therapy, and if you look at it that way it’s actually quite cheap (haha). If I really need a motivation boost I’ll put a podcast in my ears, like Brand It Girl or a Ted Talk, but for the most part I’m just taking in my surroundings, writing blogposts, or brainstorming. I feel like that all comes so naturally, when you feel good.



Xx Christina

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Easy work wear: dress shirts