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Easy work wear: dress shirts


Shirt H&M / Jeans H&M / Shoes Gucci / Sunglasses Celine

I never really thought I had a uniform. I always wanted to say that I had one, because I was reading other blogs where they were like “I’ll wear this and this, my style is this and this,” and I used to envy them so much. I thought they were so confident in their style.

But after I started working in an office I realize I do have a uniform. I work in a semi-casual office, which means that jeans are ok, and you can also wear trendy pieces without thinking too much about it. When I got this new role, I decided that I always want to look professional rather than very fashionable (like I used to do more of at my old job), just because I really want to be taken seriously in this role and be able to meet clients any time. So after a while I’ve noticed, that I now have my uniform. It’s easy, casual chic, sometimes more fashionable, and sometimes more classic. A dress shirt, jeans, nice shoes (preferably with a little heel). And then I tend to wear a lot of jewelry.



This shirt is a new one from H&M and I love the stylish stripes and the fact that it’s a little longer. It’s colorful and fun, but also office appropriate. Paired with jeans, nice shoes, and jewelry. This is really what I wear to work every day (with a little variation).


Xx Christina

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Sunday at the museum: Natural History Museum