On A Rainy New York Day

Sunday at the museum: Natural History Museum

8fc19b60-a854-4fa9-9afa-0718fa244851Hey friends!

How is your weekend going? How are you?

It’s Sunday again. You know I love my Sundays. Not particularly because it’s Sunday, but more because of what my Sunday consists of. Laundry, cleaning, relaxing. But today relaxing on the couch has been switched out with a museum stroll (which I also find quite relaxing). I guess I can also couch-potato later (yes, in my book that’s a verb).

I love going to museums and little galleries, so when our friends invited us to the Natural History Museum, we were quick to say yes (also they got free tickets for us all… a no brainer!). Tbh I’m not the biggest fan ever of Natural History, I’m more into contemporary and modern art. So I tend to go to museums like Guggenheim, MoMA, The MET, and the little galleries around Chelsea.

BUT in my mind you should always be open to new experiences, so I went in with an open mind, hah! And we did have a nice time. I even posed with a dinosaur, haha.



I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Xx Christina

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On A Rainy New York Day