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Shit just got real: calling all SATC fans

c0d16998-6626-4ee1-96e4-1b967ed741b8Hey friends!

How are you doing? I’m so happy you loved yesterday’s post especially over on Instagram. I love how positive you all are <3 Thank you for that.

Have you guys been following the SATC drama that unfolded over the weekend? I’m so sad. SATC-life will never be the same. I guess there was always some girl-drama between the cast (which makes me very sad, because in my mind they’re best friends IRL too!), but I had no idea how intense it was. If you’re not up to speed here’s a little recap: Drama has been going on since the (almost) beginning of the TV-show (read New York Post’s take on the drama back from October 2017) and apparently it came from Kim Cattral slowly being shut out of the cast’s friendship outside of the show. But this weekend Sarah Jessica Parker paid her condolences to Kim Cattral that recently lost her brother. Kim Cattral literally sent a firestorm back publicly on Instagram. It all went a little too public for me, and literally got me so sad. I don’t even know if I can watch the show anymore. Is that stupid? I really feel like it ruined the really special relationship I have with that show. Do you guys feel like that? If you’re even reading about all this…

(Read NY Times’s article from this weekend)


On a more positive note I’m back in the office today. Not that it’s easy peasy – I’m still battling the fever. It keeps coming back, but I’m just taking it slow. I hope you guys had a lovely start to the week. If anybody has the Monday Blues, let me know in the comments below. And also, I would love to know your take on the whole SATC-drama. Are you sad? Could you care less? Let’s discuss.

Xx Christina

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