Vacation in New York? Here's all you need to know

Happy Sunday + Giveaway winner

img_3488Outfit: Loavies boots (similar here), H&M jeans, Zara coat (similar here), Vero Moda sweater (similar here & here), Zara baker boy hat (similar here, here & here)

I’m obviously sitting here again, since it’s Sunday. I’m starting to get a good little routine going on the weekends. Friday night I cozy up in bed with Edward, eat dinner in bed on this big wood tray I bought last year, and then we put on Danish x-factor. I’m sure he’s loving that as much as me, haha! Saturday is out-and-about day. I run all my errands, see friends, have a nice lunch out, or something along those lines. Sunday is for laundry, cleaning, a good walk, and then a good cuddle on the sofa with a cup of tea and a TV-show.

So far I’m done with the cleaning & laundry, and I’m about to call Mie for our weekly phone date. I think I’ll multitask and go for a walk while we talk. I don’t know if my routines seem kind of boring, but I do really enjoy relaxing to the max during the weekend, so I can give it my fullest during the week (I try to also work on this blog/Instagram after work on the week days). Anybody else feel like this? Maybe adult life has just gotten me. Hah. I used to think it sounded so boring, but I really don’t mind a night home instead of out partying. Give me some good food, some pick and mix candy and a movie, and I’m happy.

Anyway, today is also the day to announce the giveaway winner from last week. Congratulations Kathrine! I’ve already sent an email to you, so I can get the jacket on its way to you. I want to thank everyone else for all the sweet comments. I hope I can do a giveaway soon again!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Xx Christina

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Vacation in New York? Here's all you need to know