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That perfect everyday outfit & an honest talk

Checking in with a portion of love for you guys! I’m having such a rough time atm, I think the weather is effecting me a more this year than ever before. It is so freezing every single day, and I feel like I can’t spend any time outside. I’m tired in the morning, tired during the day, tired at night. And with that I don’t feel very motivated. Very little new year, new me over here, hah! So yeah, I could really use a big splash of goodness, so I decided to give that to you. There might be someone out there who needs it!

Edward and I went out to shoot this outfit on a very cold Sunday afternoon last week, and I’m telling you, it was the quickest shooting sesh we’ve ever done. While blowing these kisses at you (that I so dearly need) I could see my own breath in the air.


But nevertheless, I wasn’t gonna let that stop me! I have an outfit to show, ya know?! I’m so in love with this blue, almost sculptural sweater from H&M. I’ve been wanting a blue knit for a long time, I just had to find the perfect one. I think it’s a very classic color, and since I’m a jeans girl (always have been) I thought it would make a great tone-in-tone outfit with 90’s looking vintage jeans. As a cool detail I put on a baker boy hat, 50% because I’m loving this shape of hat atm, and 50% because my hair was greasy. It was a win win situation.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day! If not, let’s share our negativity in the comments below. We all need to just get it out sometimes. <3

Xx Christina

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