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January is my favorite month when it comes to TV-shows. This is when all the shows come out with second seasons or continue after their Holiday break. Edward and I are definitely going to be watching Designated Survivor, Special Victims Unit, and The Bachelor (I already think I know who Arie he’s going to end up with!). Here are three TV-shows I’ve been binge watching lately.

The Crown

Second season came out in September, but since I hadn’t even finished the first season I didn’t pay much attention. It definitely isn’t a show for Edward, which is probably why we stopped watching in the first place, but I started watching again in December and I’m now onto the second season which is a little more dramatic in the romance area, whereas the first season focused a lot on Churchill and the rules of the Crown. I’m loving the old days of Britain, the beautiful scenery, and the language. If you’re up for a piece of history this one is very enjoyable.

The Good Doctor

I’ve always loved ‘hospital’-shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy. They made me dream of becoming a doctor when I was a teen. Not that I ever went forward with that. Suits made me want to become a lawyer… I’m not a lawyer either. The twist to this show is that Shaun Murphy, the main character, is autistic. He also dreams of becoming a surgeon, and he is extremely talented. I love all the layers of the show and diving into why we’re so afraid of something different. Here the ‘different’ aspect is Shaun having a mental disease. I think it’s very healthy for us all to get to know more about diseases like that.

This Is Us

Edward and I have been watching from the beginning last year, and we love this show. If you thought your family was fucked up, you should watch this show. Growing up I always thought it was a tragedy when there was trouble in my family. I am a divorce child, an only child, an have two stepsisters and two half sisters. My parents both have new spouses. We all have our flaws. This Is Us is about a family full of those – flaws that is. It is so dramatic and full of love & laughter.

Let me know down below if you’ve watched any of these shows? If not, I would love to know what you’re watching!

Xx Christina

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