Snowday in New York


img_2922I’ve been wanting to touch upon this subject for a while, not quite knowing how to go about it. As I wrote in my Top 5 Happenings of 2017 I’ve been practicing gratefulness the last year. It came to my attention (and here I must give credit to Edward) that I complained way too much. I’m so fortunate to be living. And to be living in a city like New York. To be following my dreams. To have food on the table every night. To have a warm bed.

In the beginning I just kind of saw this as my right, because “of course that’s how I live.” It’s how I always lived. But Edward coming from another background (growing up in New York is hardcore) he would get pretty sick of me complaining every time things didn’t go my way. This might’ve had to do with the fact that I had a job I hated, where I felt miserable, but I still shouldn’t be complaining. I should be grateful, and then do something about it all.

img_2923So I started researching a bit, and found that my favorite couple in this world, Mimi & Alex Ikonn, had made the 5 Minute Journal. They often talk about it on their social media channels, but I didn’t really care much for it. But for some reason, this time I clicked it home. Essentially you keep it next to your bed and pick it up first thing in the morning to fill in what you are grateful for, what would make your day good, and then your daily affirmation. At night before you go to bed you fill in 3 amazing things that happened that day, and at last, what could’ve made your day better. It makes you think a more about the little things and really dig in and realize how you’re feeling.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to either become more grateful (my purpose), if you want a nice ritual (kind of like a diary), or if you want to become more aware of yourself.

Xx Christina

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Snowday in New York