My favorite outfits from 2017

My favorite items from the sales

I love a good sale. Especially when I don’t have to stand in line in the store, but can sit comfortably under a blanket at home. Maybe even with a cuppa tea and a lit Jo Malone candle. Since I’ve been going through the good deals the last couple of days I thought I would share them with you. Maybe some of you are back at work and havn’t had time to look, or maybe you just cannot with the overload of products and deals. I got you!

1.The ultimate lounge wear 2. Patch Work Jeans 3. Baker Boy Hat 4. Color block knit 5. Over The Knee Boots 6. Tote Bag 7. Midi Dress With Contrast Paneling 8. Point Mid Heel Silver Darlings 9. Split, Wide Legged Jeans With Cool Pearl Detail

Gina Tricot
1.Fleece sweater with cute quote 2. Ganni Sweater Dupe 3. Pink Scarf 4. Patterned Stockings 5. Crystal Black Triangle Ring 6. Red Skirt 7. Black Skirt 8. Satin Dress With Pattern 9. Layered Dress With Flower Pattern

1.Filling Pieces Sneakers 2. Ganni Love Dog Tee 3. Calvin Klein Sweater 4. Malene Birger swinsuit 5. Billi Bi Studded Bots 6. Billi Bi Winter Boots 7. InWear Velour Dress 8. Rebecca Minkoff Jacket 9. United Colors of Beneton gloves

1.Abstract Hem Mom Jeans 2. Knot Front Midi Slip Dress 3. Star Mesh Body Suit 4. Statement Pointed Heels 5. Oversized Denim Jacket 6. Dark Blue Ripped Jeans 7. Cateye Sunglasses 8. Velvet Midi Dress 9. Bath Robe

Xx Christina

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My favorite outfits from 2017