December 23rd: Vlog

December 24th: Merry Christmas


A belated Merry Christmas from me to you! I’m enjoying this magical time with my family, and super grateful to have my grandparents visiting us here in New York. We ended up 7 people on Christmas Eve and I cooked Danish Christmas food all day. On the morning of the 25th we opened all the gifts, and boy am I one lucky girl. Maybe I’ll show you a peek later on. One of the gifts for my grandparents was a ‘Coffee and Cake’ date at Maison Kayser, so that we did on the 25th in the afternoon. Such gorgeous cakes! After that we went for a drive down 5th Avenue to look at Guggenheim and then all the pretty Christmas lights.

I hope you all had a wonderful couple of days and were with the people you love <3

Xx Christina

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December 23rd: Vlog