December 16th: My favorite Christmas movies

December 17th: OOTD

img_2280Today I wanted to bring a festive everyday outfit to you guys!

Ever since I saw Isabella Thordsen wearing this green fur, I fell in love with the color and look of the boxy jacket. I do have a beige fox fur already, but who doesn’t need another cool fur (faux)? I do. It is from the Loavies, which I think is based in The Netherlands, and I was so happy to learn that they also ship to the US!

I love poshing up (is that even a saying?) the plain ‘jeans and a shirt’ look with cool boots, furs, and fun accessories. The crossbody I’m wearing is from Aimee Kestenberg‘s Autumn collection, so when one came return to the office from the warehouse I had to snatch it for myself. I love the embroidered golden stars on it and of course the size when I only need to bring keys, phone, and wallet.


picmonkey-collage-11 ) Jimmy Choo 2) Loavies 3) RAID 4) Park Lane


picmonkey-collage1 ) River Island 2) Loavies 3) Shrimps

I actually bought the faux fur and the metallic boots as a Christmas gift from my grandmother, my father, and my father’s wife as they sent me money so I could buy what I wished for. So lovely.

Happy December 17th (only 6 days till Christmas) <3


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December 16th: My favorite Christmas movies