December 13th: Vlog

December 14th: Festive dresses for Christmas Eve Dinner + 30% off on ASOS

I’m starting to think about what to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and while scrolling through the many pages of festive wear I thought some of you might need a little inspo on that note as well. I think key to a good Christmas Eve outfit is something loose, that will hide the food-baby you for sure will end up with, and then I think some glitter or velour is the way to go. But there are so many good choices, so below I’ve chosen some of my favorites.

Also, ASOS is having 30% off gifts until December 21st and below dresses are all from this sale. Happy shopping guys! Let me know what you’re wearing on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day guys. <3

picmonkey-collage-21 ) Black Velvet Wrap Dress 2) Midi Lace Dress 3) Bardot Shirred Lace Dress 4) Sweater Dress with Pearls 5) Lace Mini Dress 6) Weekday Dress with Digital Print 7) Drop Hem Dress 8) Check Dress 9) Velvet & Lace Dress 10) Heritage Check Dress 11) Weekday Stripe Dress 12) Lace Hem Midi Dress


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December 13th: Vlog