December 5th: Vlog

December 6th: OOTD

58523741-3578-4571-878e-bc7fe00f27adHappy December 6th you guys!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this sweater definitely helps everyone getting into the festive mood. I got so many comments at work. They all know by know, that I love Christmas time, but what they’ve also learned is that I tend to dress very festive during the Holiday season. I just love how happy it makes me feel. Here I’m wearing it for a more relaxed going-to-the-movies Sunday look (maybe except the red lip), but for a night time look I would wear it with black suit pants or a black leather skirt and some knee high boots with a high heel. Ready for the holiday parties!



1 ) New Look sweater 2) Topshop Barret 3) Hvisk Earrings 4) Hvisk Necklace

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December 5th: Vlog