November Vlog

In the streets of New York

Yesterday I met up with Jenni for a midday stroll and a little time away from my desk. Mostly I don’t take my lunch break, but actually just end up eating at my desk. Very bad habit. I know. So once in a while I’ve made it my mission to rip out an hour, and go for a walk. We walked around Lower East side looking at the beautiful Holiday decorations, and exploring cute little shops. I had to stop and shoot some photos of the store fronts. I wish all of New York was filled with cute shops like that. Or at least if they were all gathered on one Avenue, so I could go there and get inspired. Mostly I don’t get my inspiration from clothes, but rather my surroundings, art works, a conversation etc. The words usually flood in my head when I go for a walk, and I find myself having to stop to take notes on my phone.

eab131cb-2648-447f-bd56-9ed64aad0f56Christmas treesimg_1227

I was wearing a pop of red to mark that December is almost here. (Can you believe how fast November went? I feel like I always say that, but really… This year is just flying by!) And thought it looked so cute with the Starbucks cup I was having my tea out of. It’s definitely a more business-y outfit, but the t-shirt and jeans dress it a bit down, and I felt quite comfortable all day.

hvisk, asos, aimee kestenberg1 ) Warehouse Blazer 2) Hvisk Gold Hoops 3) ASOS Jeans 4) Aimee Kestenberg Zenna Crossbody

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