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Tech Tuesday

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It’s Tuesday again and it’s time for my new segment: Tech Tuesday. I’m telling you about apps and other tech stuff I’m loving brought to you, every Tuesday. I always love getting inspired by other people and which apps they use. Photo editing apps, fun video apps, apps to keep my life organized, so I would of course love to tip you guys about them too! Check out last week’s favorites right here!

  1. Evernote – I’m definitely a to-do list kinda person. That’s how I organize myself, and if I don’t do it… I forget everything. This app lets you gather all your notes and little scribbles in one place. This one definitely makes my more effective!
  2. Snapseed – As I work with social media I’m constantly looking for good editing apps etc, and since VSCO updated and you know have to subscribe I started looking out for other good alternatives. And I found this perfect one!
  3. Podcasts – I know this one comes with the phone (at least the iPhone), but I really use this on a daily basis. I shared my favorite podcasts right here & here!
  4. Bit.ly – I love making little bitly links to put in my Instagram bio, so you guys can click directly to the newest blogpost, but that has been such a pain until I discovered the bit.ly app, so now I don’t have to go on the computer anymore. Yay!
  5. YouTube Studio – Do any of you have a YouTube channel? If yes, please link it down below, so I can go watch your videos, but also if yes, this is an app I recently discovered. It allows you to check analytics, comments, and view count on the go!


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