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Happy Thanksgiving!

zara-blazerI’m enjoying the long weekend after a successful Thanksgiving on Thursday. I was on the dessert team (with me, myself, and I) and made Apple Pie, tear-and-share orange chocolate cookie, and then I attempted Pumpkin Pie as well, which unfortunately burnt in the oven. But the other two desserts were a success! I also made candy yams (sweet potato mash with marshmallows), which tasted a liiiittle too healthy, but I’ll try again next year!

Friday we went upstate to visit our friends, who just bought a house in Orange County. An hour drive outside Manhattan and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, but the house was beautiful! It made me dream about the day I’ll own a house. One with a big garden, plenty of rooms for my family to come visit from Denmark, and Edward’s big wish: a deck where he can throw a big BBQ for his friends. For now I’m loving our new apartment though. As I told you, I started decorating the house before Thanksgiving, and yesterday we bought our Christmas tree which is now standing tall in the living room. I wrapped up all the Christmas gifts Edward has bought so far (he’s one of those people who likes to have it done by Dec 1st), and put them under the tree. It’s getting so festive! Oh, how I love this time of year.


1 ) check blazer 2) jeans 3) leather boots 4) t-shirt 5) necklace


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