Tech Tuesday

Black Friday Deals

It’s Black Friday, and boy is my inbox full of deals from all the retailers trying to get you to buy that sofa at 50% off or the 2-for-1 price sweaters. It can all be very overwhelming, so I thought I would gather my favorites from the different webshops for you.

From me to you, and happy shopping!
30% off with code EPIC30 

asos1 ) River Island boots 2) textured cardigan 3) Bershka jeans 4) Patchwork coat 5) River Island skirt 6) textured sweater 7) Lounge wear 8) Chelsea boots 9) Vero Moda skirt
25% off

1 ) Billi Bi boots 2) Fillipa K coat 3) Royal Republiq bag 4) Guess sweater 5) Stine Goya dress 6) Fillipa K coat
20% off 

nelly1 ) Fur Coat 2) Earrings 3) Crossbody bag 4) Embroidered belt 5) Sweater 6) Necklace
20% off

bianco1 ) Flat shoes 2) Suede boots 3) Sneakers 4) Boots
25% off 

hvisk1 ) Earrings 2) Moon necklace 3) Earrings 4) Ring
30% off specific items, & new discounts every 4 hours

gina-tricot1 ) Hat 2) Phone cover 3) Blouse 4) Bag 5) Scarf 6) Glitter socks 7) Dotted stockings 8) socks 9) Dress



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