Festive things to do in NYC before Christmas

Winter has arrived


I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Halloween is over, it’s officially time for Christmas (Thanksgiving can be part of Christmas in my book). Last week I found myself running around the city after work and even during lunch to find a winter coat. I had said goodbye to the camel coat I had for three years, so obviously I had to buy a new one… I really loved that coat, so I actually was going to buy the same exact one, but then I started looking around and found some really nice tweet coats like the one I also ended up buying.

I love the masculine cut and the defined shoulders, and combined with a feminine barret I think it’s a really cool look. Now, all I need are some good boots. Below I found some coats I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet:

asos-coats1) here 2) here 3) here 4) here 5) here 6) here 7) here 8) here 9) here




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Festive things to do in NYC before Christmas