Pumpkin Picking in New Jersey

Happy Monday! + 20% off ASOS


Happy Monday you guys!

It’s a new week. Are we excited? I actually jumped out of bed. Probably because I had such a nice weekend going pumpking picking with Jenni, and yesterday I suddenly found myself getting totally into the spirit of Christmas. It was a rainy and grey Sunday (just how I like it) and after the usual laundry and cleaning I lit some candles and found myself putting on Micheal Bublé Christmas music. Maybe it’s because I just received Tanya’s Christmas, or maybe it was the weather, but I’m totally there now. I also watched The Holiday, and started planning Christmas gifts, stocking fillers, and how I’m going to decorate the apartment. And trust me, I also listened to Christmas music on my commute to the office this morning. Anyone else with me? Or am I one of the few crazy Christmas-ladies?

This Monday is also amazing, because ASOS is running a 20% discount site-wide today with the code OCTOBER. Below I gathered some of my favorites, and you can definitely tell that I have knits and warmer items on my brain. Maybe I should do some shopping myself 😉


1. here 2. here 3. here 4. here 5. here 6. here 7. here 8. here 9. here


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Pumpkin Picking in New Jersey