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This weeks favorite items has to be my crisp white lace button down from H&M (unfortunately sold out, but I found a another good option here). I’ve used it on-and-on since I bought it, but my favorite moment thus far was realizing that it works every time I’m having an outfit crisis. I just throw on a pair of my favorite Levi’s jeans, my everyday jewelry, the wonder shirt and I’m ready to go.

On another note, are you guys excited about the weekend? Are you doing anything fun? I’m going pumpkin and apple picking tomorrow, and then I’m thinking about visiting the MET Cloisters on Sunday (I’m hoping to convince Edward to come with me). I could really use a good walk, so maybe I’ll walk the 30 blocks there and get a good workout while being cultural. Win win. Also, I’m gonna be waiting for my new couch that Edward and I just ordered this morning. Our apartment is really starting to come together!




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